Black and white makeup - universal classic makeup


Very often, when we see someone else’s makeup, we do it for ourselves. Then, getting used to some kind of make-up, we use it quite often. But this is not true, because in different cases (work, party, picnic in nature, etc.) you should choose the most suitable makeup.

Black and white makeup is considered a classic.

Black and white makeup

General recommendations for black and white makeup

  • It is important to know that black visually reduces the eye, and white - increases. Consider that black emphasizes the clarity of lines, and white blurs the outline of the eye.
  • White, even nacreous light application of shadows at the inner corner of the eyes creates the effect of shining eyes. This little trick will come in handy if you are tired.
  • For daytime makeup, it is better not to draw the shooter, you may seem vulgar with their inept application.
  • During the day, makeup should be discreet and emphasize your natural beauty.

Day black and white makeup

Day black and white makeup

Often for a working day, it is enough just to make up black eyelashes with black mascara, to draw eyelids. Moreover, it is undesirable to fail both centuries; it is better to paint either the lower or upper eyelid. Bright eyeliner from all sides can create an unpleasant impression ("panda eyes").

The most suitable option would be to bring the lower eyelid with a black pencil (and from the inside), put white shadows on the mobile eyelid, paint the inner corner of the eye with shining white and put black shadows on the eyelid closer to the outer edge of the eyes. Slightly blend black shadows so that they are not bright, but smoothly blend into white.

The main thing in this makeup - do not overdo it with black color: make-up should turn out to be low-key, as if grayish.

Evening black and white makeup

Evening black and white makeup

For evening black and white makeup can offer a lot of options. Of course, they have one basis, only the methods of applying shadows, the lines of the arrows are different.

Girls often, making evening make-up, draw themselves arrows, wanting to lengthen or enlarge their eyes, to give them a special charm. In the daytime make-up shooters, it is better to avoid or make them subtle.

Evening black and white Smokey Aiz

Evening black and white Smokey Aiz

We draw a black pencil line of the upper and lower lashes, slightly shade it. Do not let only the inner corner of the eye. Then we put dark gray shadows on the mobile eyelid and also slightly shade to give depth to the look. From above we put nacreous shadows and shade (to give shine to a look). Under the line of eyebrows paint with white shadows. Makeup will complete some highlighting of the outer corners of the eyes in a more saturated black color. You can even overstate the application of black to the eyebrow line. After that, paint the eyelashes with bright black bulk mascara.

Exquisite evening black and white makeup (zebra)

  • Apply white shiny shadows to the mobile eyelid, blend well up to the eyebrow line. Now we take the black shadows and select the third (starting from the inner) part of the century. To do this, we first draw a vertical clear border about a third of the height. Paint over from the inside corner to the border line with black shadows. Thus, we visually enlarged the eye.
  • Now we paint over the third part of the outer corner of the century. To do this, we also first draw a vertical border and paint a corner, giving it the shape of some kind of triangle. We draw the middle part of the century: for this you can use either bright white shadows or white shiny eye pencil.
  • The lower eyelid can be brought in black, but it is better to repeat the alternation of the colors of the upper eyelid: black - white - black. Slightly eyeliner lines of the lower eyelid can be summed up with the corresponding shadows, slightly shading.
  • Eye makeup left complete only by applying black mascara. A lengthening mascara is good for this, you can also use bulk mascara.

Evening makeup can be anything you like, but you can’t experiment with black and white colors. However, black and white makeup is suitable for any image and any wardrobe. With him, you can be confident in their impeccability!