Biowave eyelashes


If nature has not rewarded you with dark and thick eyelashes, do not be discouraged. Currently, a professional master at a beauty salon can cope with this problem with the help of biowave eyelashes. This procedure is a great solution.

Eyelash biowave: features of the procedure

Biowave is well suited to owners of straight lashes, which can be very difficult to curl with the help of decorative mascara.

Biowave eyelashes: reviews

The procedure of biowave eyelashes is as follows:

  1. On the eyelashes of the lower eyelid paste a special protective strip, designed to protect them from unwanted curls. Further, on the upper eyelid impose a small roller curlers, cilia are twisted on it. The rollers are disposable, their diameter directly depends on the length of the hairs to be twisted.
  2. After fixing the eyelashes, they first apply a special fixing, and then fixing curls composition. It contains neither ammonia nor hydrogen peroxide, therefore, it does not discolor hair. The process of biowave is painless, of course, subject to the quality work of the master. The whole procedure will take you on average about 40 minutes. At the end, the composition is washed off the eyelashes, and rollers, curlers are removed. The process resembles a biowave hair.
  3. After a biowave, do not wash during the day, avoid and do not paint the eyelashes. Then you can safely proceed to the usual lifestyle: wear lenses, swim in the sea and in the pool, sleep face down.

Care for curled eyelashes: the rules

Biowave eyelashes: reviews

Curled eyelashes do not require special care. You can cover them with a thin layer of castor oil with vitamins A and E for additional nutrition for 2 weeks at night.

Biowave usually lasts from 3 to 4 months. At least, that's how they promise in many beauty salons. In fact, according to numerous reviews of clients on the Internet, the result is stored for about 1.5 - 2 months. Most likely, this is due to the physiological fact that every 2-3 weeks the eyelashes are updated. But, even in this case, you can easily afford to make a biowave eyelashes constantly, because the cost of this procedure is very democratic.

Biowave eyelashes: reviews

Semi-permanent mascara and biowave eyelashes: how are the procedures combined?

Often, after the procedure of curling natural eyelashes, the hairs slightly brighten. That is why it is usually combined with the application of semi-permanent mascara on them. This special coating will make your lashes about 15 percent longer, and also compact them by 45 percent. In addition, all the hairs get a perfect even shade, the saturation of which can be adjusted according to your desire.

The whole procedure takes about half an hour when choosing the darkest color of the dye. Semi-permanent mascara usually rests on the eyelashes for about 3 weeks, it is not washed off with water at all, with ordinary makeup remover and does not flow. The coating must be removed from the master using a special composition.

Price for applying semi-permanent mascara something like this in the cabin: upper cilia - about 800 rubles, lower - about 400 rubles.

Biowave eyelashes: reviews

Some, trying to save money, try to cover their eyelashes with semi-permanent mascara at home on their own, but there are some nuances here.

This mascara dries quickly and you need to have time to separate the cilia with special forceps so that they do not have time to stick together. Therefore, without outside help, the result may not be what you are expecting.

Reviews biowave:

  • Ella: Made a cilia biowave. She came to the usual chemical, but the master offered bio - the price was the same, but she said that the bend will be more natural, the composition is better. Such a wave lasts for about 3 months, it does not hurt the eyelashes, but slightly brightens the tips. Therefore, still recommend permanent mascara. I'm happy.
  • Olya: After a biowave, I don’t care for my eyelashes at all and the result is excellent for a long time! I go to the pool, so for me it is very important that the face looks good and without makeup.

Biowave eyelashes: reviews

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If you do not have enough patience to curl your eyelashes every morning, then the biowave procedure will suit you. It is inexpensive, and the result remains consistently excellent over several months. Experts advise to combine the curling of eyelashes with the application of semi-permanent mascara. In this case, a spectacular look is guaranteed!