Biogel for nails

Biogel or, according to scientific biosculptic gel, became a novelty in nail design. Its main function is strengthening damaged nails.

Many of the beauty salons offer to use this procedure, promising that using biogel make nails beautiful and strong. But before you try the offers of the beauty industry on yourself, it is advisable to get acquainted with the reviews of those who used biogel!

Biogel for nails: expert reviews

  • Salon, Moscow: "Biogel is a natural remedy., composed of 75% protein, based on teak resin. It is hypoallergenic and creates a very hard coating for nails. "
  • Salon, Tomsk: "Strengthening nails with biogel is a safe, reliable and convenient method. It allows you to save the respiratory function of the nail plate. At the same time, it nourishes and, by strengthening the nails, prevents inflammation of the skin next to it and irritation. "

Biogel for nails: application

  • Salon, St. Petersburg: "Biogel for nails is usually used for women who want to put their nails in order after cosmetic procedures, and for those who wish to strengthen the nails with strong brittleness and exfoliation."
  • Salon, Kiev: "Biogel perfectly keeps, under a lamp instantly dries. Nails become pleasant to the touch, soft, elastic that interferes with their breakage".
  • Salon, Novosibirsk: "When using biogel nails are protected completely from the environment, and if they are very short, they can be easily grown with biogel. "

Biogel for nails: practical reviews

  • Nastya: “I know that the masters do not recommend covering nails with biogel at home. It is believed that you can get even neat coverage only if you have certain professional skills. Moreover, they question the quality of the products that are sold in simple stores, as certified cosmetics are sold only to qualified professionals. "
  • Olga: "Covering nails with biogel is done at a time that you choose. It usually depends on the wishes of the length and condition of the nails. To keep the nails beautiful, a correction is made once a month, but usually it depends on the speed of their growth.
  • Maria: "Before applying biogel, it is better not to do a manicure, it is recommended to do it in 5 days or the day before."
  • Anna: "Before applying the biogel on the nails, it is desirable to carry out the procedure of hardware manicure. It will help prevent the gel from peeling off the nail plate, and the nails themselves with a manicure will look more aesthetic. "

Biogel for nails: practical recommendations and reviews

Biogel for nails: user reviews

  • Marina: “I switched to using biogel 2 months ago. My nails become pleasant to the touch after it. The gel layer is so thick that it is completely invisible. But I can’t make it longer, because it’s not solid. Enough for a length of 7 mm, but it keeps excellent".
  • Liana: "When using bio-gel, highly grown nails are not corrected, the bio-gel is removed and a new one is applied. It is advised to use only the services of qualified craftsmen who will do everything efficiently and will not damage the nails."
  • Ala: “I am delighted with biogel. On long nails, of course, it sits poorly and the nail may break, but if done on short ones, then this is just a fairy tale.”
  • Anya: "I made my nails with biogel yesterday. The result is excellent. It turned out the way I wanted. The nails were of different lengths, the master increased them so that everyone was the same. She said that correction is needed, so the nail during regrowth is less affected by ".
  • Nastya: "I have been building up nails with biogel for almost a year. The result is always on top."
  • Maroussia: "In Europe, they switched to biogel because it is safe and helps nails grow, making them stronger. "
  • Victoria: "I recently made nails with biogel, it turned out quickly, efficiently and beautifully."
  • Svetlana: “Own nails are long and strong, but for some reason they narrow to the center from the sides. When the hands are in the water, the nails are even, as soon as they dry out, they twist again. The varnish therefore flakes and cracks. I decided to try the biogel, the nails are stronger, and now they are and beautiful. "

Biogel for nails: user reviews

  • Denmark: "The first time strengthened nails biogel 3 days ago, the result is satisfied. After extension the nails were very weak, but they became stronger with biogel".
  • Anastasia: "Increased my nails with biogel. In the first 4 days everything was fine, but then dust began to fall under the nails with biogel. Now I don’t even know what to do, nothing was blocked under acrylic ones."
  • Natalya: "For some reason, biogel began to flake off." Most likely, this is due to poor quality tools that were used for its application, as well as non-compliance with the technology of the master in preparing nails for biogel. "

The use of biogel helps protect nails from cracks, chips and folds.. Nails become stronger, less prone to breaking. Correction of nails with biogel is much easier and faster. In Europe, using biogel instead of acrylic has become quite a long time, since it is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe in its composition.

In all the responses, the main advice is traced: use only the services of qualified craftsmen, which guarantees a quality result. In most cases, after the use of Biogel for nails causes only positive feedback. To learn how to use biogel at home, read the article Strengthening nails with biogel at home.

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