Biogel for nails. strengthening nails with biogel at home

Any woman dreams of beautiful, long and healthy nails. And everyone wants to achieve this result, but spend less time on caring for them. Biogel will help.

Biogel is a gel based on natural ingredients. It is made from tix oil. With the help of this gel nails are strengthened and not damaged. Biogel is like a fertilizer for nails, it allows them to grow, to get a healthy shiny look, to become stronger. This gel is similar to the usual, with which they build up the nails. The main advantage of biogel is that after using it your own nails are not broken. Before applying the gel, the nails are not cut down, but only polished, and when the gel is removed, a special liquid is applied to it, which dissolves the gel.

  • Biogel for nails comes in different colors. This is very convenient, as you can do any nail design.
  • Biogel coating perfectly protects nails from various factors, so nails are strengthened, and biogel gives them the opportunity to breathe and grow. Also, this gel is hypoallergenic, so do not be afraid of the negative reaction of your body.
  • Normal lacquer is erased after a few days, and with a bio-gel coating you will walk until you need an adjustment - it all depends on the growth of the nails.
  • The gel itself hardens only under the influence of UV rays. Therefore, during the application of biogel need a UV lamp.
  • Biogel is very well aligned on the nail plate, so applying it at home is convenient and easy.
  • Myself The process of nail strengthening with biogel can be mastered at home, as it is not very complicated. Therefore, the gel can be applied to itself and nails.
  • But in order to put biogel on your nails at home, first go to the salon and see how the master does it to avoid mistakes.

What you need to strengthen nail biogel at home?

  1. Biogel of the desired shade.
  2. UV lamp.
  3. Basic coverage under biogel.
  4. Degreaser.
  5. Biogel, which is applied at the very end, to strengthen the main bio-gel.
  6. Nail file.
  7. Stick to offset the cuticle.
  8. Brush for applying biogel.
  9. Biogel remover.

How to apply biogel on nails at home?

  • We do the usual manicure. Then polish the surface of the nail with a buff, so that the nails become smooth and shiny.
  • Now degrease the nails with a special solution for degreasing.
  • After the procedures and the preparation of the nails, we apply biogel onto them - at first transparent. To do this, take a brush and use it to apply the gel on the nail. Apply it very carefully, so that it does not get on the skin around the nail.
  • Then put the nail under the UV lamp until it is completely dry, it is about 2 minutes. We apply another layer of biogel, but the base one - of the color you have chosen, we do the same as with the transparent one.
  • The last step is to apply the finish biogel to the nail. It allows you to consolidate the bottom layer of biogel and gives shine to the nail. It is dried under an ultraviolet lamp.
  • Then a special tool remove the sticky layer after drying the nail.

Strengthening biogel nails at home done! The procedure is simple, but time consuming. After applying the biogel on the nails, it will be possible to forget about the fragments on the nails, while the nails look very nice and well-groomed.

How to remove biogel from nails?

To remove the bio-gel from the nails, you do not need to cut it off or otherwise injure your nails, but you can simply use a special tool that you can buy in the same place where you bought the gel. This tool is applied on cotton wool, and then on the nail for 10-12 minutes, after which the bio-gel softens and can be removed from the nail. If you want to change the color of biogel, it is not necessary to take it off; you can simply apply any other varnish without acetone on top of it.

It is very useful bude gel for those who just removed the accrued nails. Since after such a procedure, the nails are very injured, biogel will just help them recover. You will find reviews on the use of biogel in the article Biogel for nails: reviews.

Using biogel at home is very convenient to care for your nails, strengthen them and stimulate their growth. The nails covered with biogel look very impressive, it seems that the nails are accrued. Biogel will allow nails to get a healthy, even look and speed up their growth. The product is environmentally safe for your health.

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