Beautiful hairstyles to school


With the advent of the new school year, many moms are beginning to actively explore options for creating beautiful hairstyles for their daughters. After all, they need to be quickly and efficiently assembled to school. Little schoolgirls cannot make beautiful styling on their own, so taking care of their hair falls on Mom's shoulders.

Hairstyles for girls

At recess, children behave very actively. That is why the hairstyle should be both beautiful and strong, reliable. Ideal for first graders would be braids and tails.

Beautiful hairstyles to school

  • The girl's head can be decorated with 2 tails, if desired, supplemented with beautiful and lush bows, ribbons, bright rubber bands. If a child has naughty and short hair, then it is recommended to stop the choice on braids or pigtails. Short strands on the temples can be removed into separate thin tails, and then weave into the main tail.
  • Hairstyles for little schoolgirls, which are based on weaving, are today the most popular option. You can braid 2 simple braids and weave colored ribbons into them. Then they can be twisted "bagels". After that, with the help of studs or rubber bands are attached at the base.
  • Very interesting look 2 braids, braided "spikelet". In addition, they securely fix the hair. Hairstyle will look neat and beautiful all day, including physical education classes.

Easy children's daily hairstyles

Easily and very quickly, you can make a beautiful hairstyle with harnesses. It is suitable not only for first-graders, but also for girls in adolescence. This styling is a type of pigtail hairstyle. At the same time it looks elegant and stylish.

  • To create such a styling it is necessary to slightly wet the hair, then tie a high tail. Now the whole mass of hair is divided into 2, preferably equal parts. They are twisted with neat harnesses and intertwined with each other rather tightly.
  • Further, the ends of the obtained bundles are tied with a thin elastic band and fixed at the very base of the tail. You can take small and inconspicuous crab pins or stealth.

Also common hairstyles are styling, for which the base is the tail. Today, there are a huge number of different options for interesting weaving styling, while it can be tied, both high and low tail.

Beautiful hairstyles to school

You can take a few front strands and lightly comb them in the forehead. In this case, all other hair is collected in a smooth and high tail, and the elastic is masked under a thin strand of hair. This hairstyle looks very interesting and stylish. It is perfect for both little girls and girls. If desired, you can do it yourself.

There is another interesting way to create such a hairstyle - this is a specially inaccurate tail with a side parting and a couple of strands dropped. The most advantageous such hairstyle looks exactly on long hair (preferably without bangs). To do this, before going to bed, wet hair should be braided in braids so that in the morning they will get a light wave. In the morning, the strands are carefully combed, parting is done, then hair is collected in a low tail. At the same time, 1-2 sloppy strands should be left on the side.

A bow made of hair looks very beautiful and stylish. This hairstyle is done quite easily and quickly.

  • To create an interesting styling, you must take the upper part of the hair and bandage it with an elastic band so that not all curls pass through it.
  • The resulting tail is divided into 2 equal parts, and then divorced to the side. Now you need to gently straighten the two halves of the future bow and fix.
  • A relatively small hole is made at the base and a strand is passed through it that does not enter the main tail. At the same time the middle should overlap.
  • If there is a bang, it should be combed to the side and fixed with the help of an invisible one. The rest of the hair can freely fall back.

Do not lose their relevance hairstyles made in the Greek style. For young schoolgirls, the braid is just perfect, thanks to which the created image will be gentle and light. Creating such a hairstyle takes very little time.

  • To braid a beautiful Greek braid, you need to take a small strand in the forehead and begin to weave a simple French braid.
  • Gradually, strands are attached to it exclusively from the inside.
  • Further it is necessary to slightly extend the outer strands, so that the hairstyle acquires additional volume. Such an interweaving is done approximately to the middle of the occiput, then fixed with the help of clips.
  • The same action is performed on the opposite side, after which the braids are connected using a simple elastic band. The remaining short locks can be left free or gently stabbed with invisibles.

How beautiful and quickly braid the girl?

To make an interesting hairstyle with pigtails, you need to comb your hair well, divided into 2 parts strictly horizontally. Now the dragon drags from the top, from one ear to the second. Further from the remaining strands the simplest braid is woven, at the end they are wrapped in a circle. Through the middle, the end of the pigtail is stretched and fixed with the help of several invisible women. The same manipulations are carried out with the lower part of the hair.

Pigtail "fishtail" is among the most simple. She is the most popular among teenage schoolgirls, because she is created from only 2 braids and has an attractive and original appearance. If desired, it can be combined with a pair of tails, so that the installation becomes more elegant and spectacular.

Beautiful hairstyles to school

To make such a styling, you must carefully comb your hair and divide it into 2 approximately equal parts (strictly vertical). Then we must proceed directly to the weaving of the fish-tail braid. From the outside, a gradual pulling in one thin strand to one half, and from the inside to the second begins. You need to perform exactly 5 such braids. From the remaining free curls made 2 tails. Each of them stands out on a small strand, which will be used to mask the gum. The base of the tail is wound round with a lock, its end is fastened at the back with the help of studs.

Of course, the simplest hairstyle is the tail. If desired, it can be made more original and interesting. It is enough to braid it as low as possible, then fix it with a thin elastic band. Directly above the base, the strands are divided into 2 approximately equal parts and the tail is passed into the hole that has appeared. The result is an interesting hairstyle that will make the schoolgirl a real princess.

Today, many Hollywood stars choose a ponytail hairstyle, which is just perfect for schoolgirls, because all the hair will be gathered and do not interfere during classes. Older girls can choose hairstyles with elements of weaving. To make the image more interesting, it is recommended to use various decorative elements, with the help of which it will be possible to remove loose hair strands.

The French braid, which can be braided pretty quickly, looks very interesting. First, the hair should be slightly combed at the roots, so that the hairstyle gets extra volume.

The beginning of weaving should occur from the forehead area. To create a graceful and sophisticated hairstyle, you need to take small strands, and for a more voluminous styling - thick. Then the hair is divided into 3 parts, and the simplest braid is woven. Starting from the second weave, an additional side strand must be attached (the same actions are performed on the other side). According to this scheme, the braid is woven to the desired length, after which it is fastened with a beautiful rubber band or a color satin ribbon.

Beautiful hairstyles for school can be done in just a few minutes. It can be tails, pigtails, various weaving. Of course, mothers will be engaged in combing. Therefore, it is worth experimenting a bit with different options in order to avoid spending too much time laying in the morning before school.