Beach dresses for obese women


Different brands of clothing offer a wealth of options for full-length beach dresses. No matter what type of figure you have, you should always look stylish, even on the beach. How to choose the model and color of beach dresses for full?

Color beach dresses for full

Considering that it is summer now, the colors of the dresses should be light, light and bright. The main summer colors: all shades of purple, pink, pale blue, red and olive. In no case will not suit the dark blue color, black, dark green. In the summer, and even on the beach, they are simply inappropriate.

Length beach dresses for obese women

The best dress length for full women is up to the knee or just below the knee. But you can experiment. For example, this season, floor-length dresses are becoming increasingly popular.

Beach dress fabric for obese women

Given the characteristics of the figure, it is best not to choose shiny iridescent fabrics. The best choice would be lightweight fabric with a medium-sized pattern. It is best to completely exclude such colors as a horizontal strip from your wardrobe. Such a strip visually makes the body wider.

How to hide the problematic parts of the figure using a beach dress?

  • If you have full legs - should be, under a beach dress, put on wedge shoes. Such shoes will lift the silhouette, you will appear taller and your legs will be longer.
  • If you have full hands. This, in general, is not very striking. But, if this gives you some inconvenience, you should purchase a beach dress with sleeves that will cover the problem areas of the hands. In addition, it can be even easier to solve the problem of full hands - throw a full shawl or pareo on top of the beach dress.
  • If you have a small height, you should choose a beach dress for full monochromatic colors. With this trick, your silhouette will lengthen.

How to choose a beach dress for a full woman?

  • If, despite the fat figure, you have a beautiful waist, be sure to focus on it. For example, it can be a contrast strap.
  • Consider that your beach dress should have as few different bows, ruches and zavyazochek. They make the image heavier. It is best to focus on accessories, such as a tippet or a light cape.
  • The high waist on the beach dress for full ones will emphasize beautiful breasts, removing accent from the hips.
  • In no case can one choose such models of beach dresses that have a wide sleeve or sleeve in the shape of a flashlight. This, visually, will make the figure more complete.
  • A wide dark belt perfectly emphasizes the waist, visually increases the harmony.

Armed with these recommendations for choosing a beach dress for the full, you can choose a beautiful model that will further emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide its flaws!

Be beautiful!