Bb meybelin cream


Maybeelin has been manufacturing cosmetics for over 100 years. Today, it is known not only because of properly organized PR, advertising with the participation of well-known photo models, but also because the company's products are affordable and of high quality. For the first time Maybelin became famous thanks to mascara - the first in the world, their mascara Great Lash and today is the leader of sales. Makeup Maybelin pleases with new products, one of which is BB Cream.

What is BB Cream?

Do not confuse the tonal framework with this type of product. Because Maybelline Dream Fresh 8in1 BB has not only tinting properties. It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects the face from the sun. All this distinguishes BB cream from conventional tonal resources. But the designers of cosmetics Meybelin went further, they were able to give the revolutionary product a set of additional effects.

BB Meybelin Cream

  1. Evens out skin tone;
  2. Not visible on the face;
  3. Makes skin smooth;
  4. Protects against oily shine;
  5. It gives the face freshness and radiance.

BB Meibelin Cream: Price

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB is available to European consumers; it costs about 350 rubles. While Asian women can enjoy Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream and Maybelline Clean Smooth BB White. In Thailand, you can buy these creams at the price of 150 and 220 rubles. respectively.

Classic Maybelline Dream Fresh BB produced in France, the texture is similar to the tinting emulsion. A thin layer of the product on the skin is almost invisible. The moisturizing effect is particularly strong on normal and oily skin. Dry skin moisturizing will not be enough. If you have serious dermatological problems, the desired masking effect will not be achieved. Indispensable tool on vacation and at home, if you do not need to do a full-fledged makeup, but you need to achieve a well-groomed naturalness. Most users give a rating of 7 on a ten-point scale.

Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream can be bought on holiday in Asian countries, produced cream in China. Despite the lower price, its quality is at its best. Non-oily and lightly textured. After use, the skin does not shine, powder application is not necessary. The product is distinguished by its high covering ability, durability. After application remains invisible on the skin, hides pores, ideal for summer. Also suitable for all skin types except dry. The cream was rated at 9 on a ten-point system.

Maybelline Clean Smooth BB White is dense, with a high level of SPF, plastic, adapts to the skin color, with a tan effect. But the disadvantages include a weak tinting effect, the skin becomes shiny. Not every moisturizer can be combined with Maybelline Clean Smooth BB White. Also, the cream can roll off if you apply blush on top. Not as durable as Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream, easily rinsed off. Score - 5 out of ten.

In general, Maybelin cosmetics are distinguished by affordable prices, for example, lipstick can be purchased for 300 rubles, powder for 400 rubles, and mascara for 350 rubles. A wide selection of beauty products allows you to experiment and keep up with the times.

BB cream Maybelin: reviews, price, description means

BB cream Meibelin: reviews

  • Oksana: I used to use Garnier cream. He did not make a positive impression on me, so I had to look for something new. When I decided to try the cream from Maybelin, I did not expect much of a result, the price was low, I thought the effect would be appropriate, but I was mistaken. Of course, the global flaws of the skin will not hide, but if the skin without strong flaws, acne, perfectly smooths, the face looks natural.
  • Svetlana: I didn’t like BB cream, I have combination skin and my face is very shiny. I do not use it anymore. Although it may shine and means oily shine? Well, that used the probe from the Riv Gauche catalog.
  • Inga: Even in adulthood, acne appears on the face from time to time, struggling with imperfections, including masking agents. It is necessary to try a lot, I liked the BB cream, it masks quite well, I bought Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream in Thailand. For me personally, the advantage is that it lies flat and its texture is dense.
  • Yulia: I think that BB is a foundation from Maybelin, the best cream from BB analogues from other manufacturers. But there are drawbacks. The face becomes fresh, definitely, plus a light moisturizing. For problem skin with acne is not suitable, but it hides small redness.
  • Diane: First check the reaction for allergens. You need to apply a small amount of funds on the inside of the fold. If redness does not appear, the cream does not cause an allergic reaction. I did not come, I'm allergic.

If you have normal skin, then BB cream is ideal for creating a natural fresh look. BB Meibelin Cream is one of the best among similar products. If possible, give preference to Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream, which is designed for sale and use in Asia, the properties and the price distinguishes this remedy from bb Meybelin cream made in Europe. But with normal skin, Maybelline Clean Smooth BB Cream perfectly evens out skin tone, moisturizes and protects against ultraviolet radiation.