Basma for hair. basmo hair coloring


Women in an effort to achieve the perfect image are ready for any changes. This is a permanent work on oneself: experiments with hairstyle, image and, of course, hair color.

Overnight to turn from a blonde into a burning brunette? Why not. Especially if use natural harmless products for dyeing your hair, such as, for example, Basma.

Basma is a gray-green powder, which is obtained from the dried leaves of the indigosphere shrub.

Basma for hair. Basmo hair coloring

Basmo hair coloring

  • Coloring basmapozvolyaet get curls of pleasant natural shades from light chestnut to bluish-black. Along with this, the natural dye strengthens the hair, aligns its structure, makes it shiny and strong. It also helps to cope with dandruff and accelerate hair growth. This effectiveness is due to the unique composition of basma powder, which is rich in tannins.
  • When basma is used, the hair turns deep blue. To remove the bluish tint, it is enough to combine it with another natural dye - henna. Applying various coloring ratios of henna and basma to dye your hair, you can achieve almost any shade of hair you need. Supplements such as strong tea or coffee will help to expand the color palette.
  • To enrich the mixture of henna and basma before staining, you can add a few drops of essential oils. The most popular hair oils are rosemary, lavender, and ylang-ylang oils. Rosemary accelerates hair growth, lavender perfectly softens dry hair and helps to cope with the problem of split ends, ylang-ylang is an excellent way to strengthen curls.
  • Before use, a few drops of iodine can be added to the prepared basma mixture for hair. According to reviews of many women using this method, iodine gives hair shine and enhances color saturation.
  • In order to achieve the perfect hair color using Basma, some skill and experience are required. But the end result is undoubtedly worth the effort!

How to dye basma hair?

When dyeing hair with basma, you must strictly follow a few simple rules.

Basma for hair. Basmo hair coloring

  • On dark hair, Basma can give a bluish tint, on light hair - a greenish. To avoid this effect, Basma must be mixed with henna, or staining is carried out in two stages: first henna, then Basma.
  • Henna and Basma - the product is quite cheap, so do not save on the amount of money. This is important because the mixture should be applied over the entire length of the hair evenly and rather thickly. If you have short hair, take a henna and basma bag for dyeing, or 2 bags or more for long ones. In due course you individually will pick up the amount of dye necessary for you.
  • For the preparation of coloring mixture use ceramic or glassware. Stir the composition with a wooden stick or spoon. Remember that contact with metal surfaces can cause an oxidation process that can affect the result of the dyeing.
  • Henna is bred with hot, but not boiling water (80-90 ° C), and Basma, on the contrary, must be brewed with boiling water.
  • It is important to carefully mix the mix basma and henna., so that there are no lumps left. Otherwise, it will lie unevenly on the hair, leaving unpainted areas. Properly prepared, the composition should resemble the consistency of thick sour cream.
  • After applying the ink mixture, you must put a shower cap on your head or cover your hair with polyethylene. It is important that etcand staining maintained the required temperature. To do this, you can additionally cover your head with a heated towel.
  • The exposure time is selected individually, depending on the original color, hair structure and the expected result. If you want to achieve a darker shade, then you need to keep the coloring mixture for at least an hour. Experimenting with the duration of staining several times, you can easily choose the optimal amount of time for you.
  • Washed off Basma and henna is not easy, Moreover, for this you can not use shampoo. To cope with this problem, use a little trick: apply a balm on your hair for a couple of minutes. Particles for coloring can be easily washed off with it.

Basma for hair. Basmo hair coloring

  • Coloring actionbasma and henna hair lasts for 24 hours after staining. For this reason, it is not recommended to wash your hair with shampoo for another 3 days after you have dyed your hair.
  • Hair with gray hairIt is necessary to paint in the first place, applying a sufficient amount of the mixture.

Increasingly, women resort to natural remedies, such as Basma and henna, to dye their hair. Of course, chemical dyes are easy to use and have a wider palette of shades. But natural dyes compare favorably with their cost-effectiveness and health-improving effect. The choice is yours!