Basic wardrobe of a modern girl

The problem of many modern girls and women is the constant lack of clothes in order to look great in any situation. In this case, of course, the cabinet is packed to capacity. And most of the things from this very wardrobe are not worn at all, or worn, but very rarely. Losing themselves in all the variety of their home collection, the girls do not suspect that in order to always look perfect, you just need a few basic things that will perfectly fit together and make you incredibly beautiful.

Basic wardrobe for girls

Let's start the revision of your closet. Who doesn't love jeans?This once working clothes of American farmers firmly entered our lives. Now we have the opportunity to purchase jeans of various styles and colors, which will ideally be combined with any figure. So, this thing must be in your wardrobe. Moreover, jeans should be just perfect to fit exactly your figure. Namely - to hide the flaws and emphasize the merits. They certainly should be two, and, in different colors. Some are dark, others are light. And the main rule: never save on jeans!

Further in our field of vision T-shirts. Best of all, fit almost everyone and under any clothing, the so-called "alcoholic". Such T-shirts can be found in the collections of almost all (if not all) brands that produce clothing. Better if these T-shirts are black and white. So they will become even more versatile. Fabric is better to choose with elastane. She rushes longer and looks better.

Of shoe every girl must have shoes. The ideal colors for them: black and beige. And the main thing is a heel. It must be sustainable. By no means not a stud. These shoes are suitable for any clothes, and you will feel confident in them, because you will stand firmly on your feet.

Also mandatory attribute of the wardrobe should be Cocktail Dress any color. The only condition: it should sit perfectly. It can be combined with jackets, capes and even voluminous sweaters. Another very important is to have a pencil skirt. This thing goes to everyone and is beneficial in almost any situation.

Also a necessary part of the wardrobe is pantsuit. In the summer you can wear light. With this wardrobe detail, you can give romance to your image. Trousers can be combined, for example, with maritime style T-shirts. A jacket will look very stylish with jeans and shorts.

Winter principle of building a basic wardrobe scheme is the same. Just things change to similar, but warmer. For example, instead of T-shirts fit turtlenecks. Another win-win for the cold season - a jumper with a V-neck. It will suit both business attire and everyday ensemble. Footwear for cold weather is also better to choose on a steady heel and with non-slip soles.

Another piece of women's wardrobe must necessarily be a large number of beautiful underwear. This is another part of your image, which can not be saved. The linen can be multi-colored, in various ruches, with funny pictures. However, it is worth buying something in which you feel comfortable and cozy. Lingerie should not interfere with your movements and bring discomfort.

Concerning accessories, they must also be very stylish. After all, it is they who bring our image to perfection. Do not stint buy a good passport cover, wallet and phone case. After all, style is in the details! More information about styles - in the article Choose your style.

Whatever wardrobe you make for yourself, first of all, be guided by common sense. Choose those things in which you will be comfortable and convenient. remember, that clothes should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable, suitable just for you.

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