Bang for round face

Properly selected form of bangs can hide any flaws imaginary or real, emphasize the merits and even create a mood. Bangs for a round face should visually reduce the cheeks, and give the face an oval shape.

Anyway owners of a round face should opt only on those hairstyles where there is a bang. Hair without bangs visually further increases the circumference of the face.

There are several rules for determining the appropriate type of bangs that will help make a choice and choose exactly what suits you. Yes, and offered by stylists quite a large selection of hairstyles with bangs, which can help give a person a perfect shape, makes this task easier. Therefore, spending just a little time studying the tips, you can easily choose for yourself the best option.

Types of curls for round face

  • One of the suitable types of bangs for this form of face will be bangs up to the middle of the forehead, but with this kind of bangs, the main hairstyle must cover the ears.
  • Another option, which is now one of the most fashionable, will be a long bang, with light trimming. When laying such a bang, you should be especially careful when using styling products, otherwise your bang will simply stick together. It is best suited to create the effect of thinning balsam and shampoo for silky hair.
  • No less suitable is the bang, which gently falls down, with the tips made in the form of "feathers".

If you have a slightly smoothed chin and wide cheekbones, then your face shape is considered round. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, always strive to help it smooth out excessive roundness of the face, giving it a visually oval shape. The best option when choosing a hairstyle for owners of a round face would be a bang hair. The absence of a bang at all will only underline the round shape of the face even more.

The best option is bangs multi-level, with asymmetrical tips, curly, with sharp tips of hair or slightly crumbling around. Having listened to recommendations, having studied all suitable types of people, you without effort will be able to pick up what will suit you. A properly chosen bang will help you feel even more beautiful and desirable.

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