Ballroom dance dresses for girls


When choosing clothes for children, you should always take into account the fact that after a while the child will grow up. This is especially true when buying a dress for ballroom dancing for girls. Such dresses should provide complete freedom of movement of arms and legs, sit comfortably at the waist and look attractive at the same time.

What is important to consider when choosing a dance dress?

Parents should pay special attention to the choice of ball gowns for girls, and, of course, you need to buy it with your child, given a number of important aspects. Requirements for the selection of jewelry, makeup, hair, in fact, as well as the ball costume, for each category of children are different. The most stringent rules are established for the two younger age groups. Consider them.

How to choose a ball gown for a girl?

The first group of children includes dancers under 9 years old, who perform in six categories, such as:

  • Viennese Waltz;
  • samba;
  • cha cha cha;
  • jive;
  • slow waltz;
  • quickstep

The age of the second group of children is from 10 to 11 years. They perform the same program, plus two additional dances - tango and rumba.

In addition to the fact that ball gowns for girls must meet the theme of the performance, there are a few basic requirements:

  • Dress style should be as closed as possible. The neckline, which completely covers the chest, is allowed. It is not allowed to wear very short skirts and dresses to the floor.
  • Tango type pants are not allowed. Children's panties should completely cover the buttock and be comfortable for the child.
  • A ballroom dance costume for a girl should not evoke any association with beach, bikini or underwear.
  • The style of sleeves for children in the younger age category should be solid. The use of cuts, cuffs and cuts on the sleeve of the dress is not allowed.
  • There should be a minimum of jewelry on the girl’s dancing costume. It is forbidden to excessive use of inserts on the dress from the fabric of other textures, assemblies, trains, ruffles, scarves, applications, cuffs and collars.
  • The dress should be made of a monochromatic material. It is allowed to use fabrics of various textures - silk, tulle, stretch, lycra, satin velvet.

The most convenient for girls will be dresses sewn on the basis of a cast swimsuit with a skirt. For such outfits, you only need to buy another "bottom" - and the new ballroom costume is ready.

In addition to the general requirements established by the rules of ballroom dancing and competitions for children of younger age groups, when buying a costume for a girl, it is worth considering the following aspects:

  • the dress should be the right cut, not to move and not to lose shape due to sudden movements;
  • the child should feel comfortable in such clothes, and the sleeves should not hinder movement;
  • when ordering a dress, it is worth making some additions to the growth of the child on the basis that when the costume is ready, the girl will grow a little;
  • the material must be of high quality, not to tear and not to stretch, and also not to cause an allergic reaction in the child.

Interesting fact: dancers from older groups in ballroom dancing are allowed to use costume models for small participants. But for children under 11 years of age to wear a piece of clothing designed for an adult is strictly prohibited.

Types of dance and costumes - what's the connection?

A dress for sports and ballroom dancing for a girl should not only fully comply with the judicial requirements, but also correspond to the nature of the event and the chosen theme. There are hundreds of different variations on this topic with their own nuances and features.

Dress for a standard dance program

Dress for a standard dance program

The standard program of ballroom dancing, as a rule, includes the following areas:

  • waltz;
  • tango;
  • foxtrot;
  • quickstep

Dress for such dances should be gentle, with a flowing skirt length just below the knee. It can be either with sleeves or with an open neck, and is often embroidered with beads, sequins or rhinestones. An elegant one-piece dress is best made from silk or satin - this fabric emphasizes the smooth movements of the dancer.

Costume for Latin dance

The following areas are included in the Latin American dance program style:

  • samba;
  • salsa;
  • flamenco;
  • cha cha cha

For them, it is best to choose those costumes that can completely “merge” with the form of the dancer's body. Skirts and dresses often have an asymmetrical hem, decorated with ruffles, ruffles and bright colored fabrics.

What is a rating ball dress for?

In addition to the generally accepted categories, the dance competition may include a program from the two areas listed above. For such cases, there are dresses for rating ballroom dances for girls. By judicial standards and generally accepted standards, such a dress should not include the simultaneous use of two or more colors of fabric. It is best to choose a monophonic, inconspicuous material, and sew the dress itself in a conservative style.

In dance circles, this outfit for a girl is called a "basic" and is very popular in younger age groups.

When choosing a dress for competitive dances, it is necessary to take into account all judicial requirements, including the subject of the event. It is also extremely important that the girl was comfortable dancing in such a dress. Properly picked dress can make a performance very spectacular, as well as impress the judges and increase your child’s chances of winning.