Ballet shoes

Many of us have seen, many of us have heard of such a miracle in the field of the fashion industry, like ballet flats.

What is it ballet flats? Where does this type of shoe come from?

What is ballet shoes?

Ballet flats are such small shoes without a heel, sometimes with a heel of about 2-3 cm, which always look gracefully on the legs of any woman, and are also very comfortable when walking, and that is why they deserve such close attention of all women.

Ballet flats: what are in fashion and what to wear them with?

However, where did they come from these mysterious ballet flats? The origin of ballet flats dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, when shoe makers Salvatore Caparezio made pointe shoes for ballerinas, special ballet shoes. Then, in 1957, Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo created ballet flats especially for the Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, the designer decorated the ballet shoes with a strap, and with a button, they had a small heel and a rounded nose. After the release of Audrey in these elegant shoes, they firmly won the hearts of all Italian fashionistas, and then the rest of the world.

The peak of the popularity of ballet shoes

Today ballet flats are at the peak of their popularity. And this is not surprising, since they perfect for all women without exception, but especially to those women who, due to certain problems associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cannot wear heeled shoes. Ballet flats are very comfortable., in them the foot is comfortable and cozy. The word ballet means "ballet slippers". To all other ballet flats really look graceful on foot, make it elegant and tiny.

Ballet flats: what are in fashion and what to wear them with?

Today, ballet flats are relatively inexpensive shoes, of course, it all depends on the brand of the manufacturer, but in any store, shopping center with shoe trays, you will always find these elegant shoes.

Ballet flats as an accessory

Ballet flats can be called a real accessory of any fashionista, or even a work of art, as today flats can be decorated with all kinds of rhinestones, bows, have a different color, texture, print, and vice versa can be completely conservative with fabric texture of restrained tones for everyday exits and business meetings.

Exist ballet shoes especially for the wedding ceremony, They have a certain color from white to pastel and pale pink with various rhinestones, small bows and even precious stones with soft satin and leather textures.

Ballet flats: what are in fashion and what to wear them with?

In 2012, ballet flats do not squeeze shoes with heels, they become one step with them and are full competitors among shoes without heels. Designers this season have tried their best and created ballet flats for every taste, color and style, the most fashionable models will be ballet shoes with denim and suede texture, pastel colors, but it does not mean that black and white ballet flats are not in fashion, the main thing is to choose what you like, what fits your wardrobe.

What to wear ballet flats?

What to wear ballet flats? Stylists and designers claim that ballet flats fit leggings, they can also be worn with narrow stretch jeans, skinny pants that tightly fit the body, as well as an important trend of this season with a multi-layered skirt or skirt pack.

So now you know that ballet flats are the most fashionable trend of this season.

We will be happy if ballet flats will delight us with their diversity for a long time, and if you already want to buy them, then go to the store for your pair of ballet shoes, because ballet flats are a great way to not only bring something new to your wardrobe, but also, perhaps, change the style in your image and become even more beautiful than before.

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