Balayazh on dark hair

The fashion for naturalness and naturalness has penetrated into many branches of the beauty industry. So, in the hairdressing art, technicians are trying to gain more and more popularity, trying to recreate the influence of the sun on their hair. One of them - balayazh. Under this resounding French word lies the method of coloring hair, giving the hair a kind of burnt out.

Highlight balayazh: features and differences from amber

Every woman of fashion has probably already heard about the popular Ombre hair dyeing technique. Between her and balayazhem have a lot in common. Translated from the French 2nd technique means "sweep." The master dyes not the whole mass of hair, but individual strands. In this case, the movements are made in a certain way.

Understand what balayazh is easiest on the example of the comparison with the ombra. Most often, under the 2nd technique imply the lightening of the hair, due to which there is a clear gradation of light strands and the original shade. The effect is achieved by using horizontal staining. The border of 2 flowers is so great that sometimes there is a feeling of regrown roots.

Highlight balayazh, by contrast, looks very natural. In the case of a successful dyeing, everyone around you will think that your hair has acquired light shades after exposure to sunlight. Another difference from the ombre balayazh - a painting technique. The master performs the movement vertically, only on the outer side of the curls. This technique implies a certain level of hairdressing. It is explained by the fact that the hairdresser must work with individual strands. It is much more difficult than just producing uniform hair coloring.

Balayazh on dark hair

Technique staining balayazh: who will go "sunny" strands?

Interestingly, the balayazh staining technique originated about 40 years ago. Over time, they forgot about it. This method was revived in part because of the popularity of ombre. By the way, it is much more complicated than the 2nd coloring technique. It is not by chance that such highlighting is called hair painting.

Balayazh is a real field for experimentation. Many people know that the ombre technique is not recommended for everyone. Balayazh, on the contrary, pushes the frame. Best of all this highlighting looks on the hair of natural shades. If the ombre is advised to do everything except brunettes, then with a balaage everything is different. The difference is that in the latter case the master can create the effect of several shades on the curls. With ombra is impossible. On brunettes because of the sheer border, it looks very shocking.

Another interesting fact is that the balayaz dyeing technique is suitable for owners of thin hair. The fact is that a special dressing compound is applied not to the entire surface, but to selected places. Therefore, very little hair is lightened. In addition, the highlighting of the balayazh gives thin visual hair extra visual volume.

Who will suit balayazh:

  1. Women with a short haircut. It is believed that the ombra looks good on long curls. On short, the desired border of light and dark is just a little noticeable.
  2. Owners of hair of any type and shade. Ombre is recommended for blond hair. It also looks good on curly hair, as kinks help mask the color transition.
  3. Lovers of naturalness. The technique of dyeing balayazh creates a very interesting summer look. The method can be safely used if you like the style of bohoili prefer to add hippie style to your look.

If you do not want to drastically change the appearance. Balayaz helps to emphasize facial features. This is done at the expense of absolutely gentle methods.

The owner of a haircut cascade. On this hairstyle, the effect of burnt hair looks best. In addition, with cascade balayazh can be done by yourself at home. The necessary strands in this case are well separated.

How to make balayazh at home?

Balayazh on dark hair

All stylists are advised to do balayazh in salons. This is explained by the fact that painting requires a well-placed hand. Indeed, the work is quite laborious. However, to create the effect of burnt strands with due effort is quite possible at home. In general, the highlighting algorithm looks like this:

  1. To begin, go to the hairdresser, if you want to cut your hair. To cut already painted yarn is irrational.
  2. Approximately one day before painting stop washing your hair. The emerged sebaceous membrane prevents the scalp from negative consequences.
  3. Stock up on a brush for applying the composition. You may also need a piece of cotton cloth or small elastic bands.

Balayazh technique can mean different ways of coloring. Salons often make highlighting using 2-3 tones. They do not have to be within the same color palette. Sometimes radical solutions like blue or green are possible. Of course, then you will have a slightly different coloring than the effect of hair faded in the sun.

In the case of two-step dyeing, it is necessary to isolate small fine strands. Basically take curls on the top or on the sides of the face. In order to decide, just remember that burns on the head most often.

Curl stained with vertical movements. First on the tips in a lighter tone, then in the direction of the roots darker. An important feature - you can not try to completely paint over the strand. It is necessary to achieve the effect of burnt hair, rather than the usual highlighting. Some hairdressers scrape off paint after 15 minutes. It gives hair uniformity. All other strands are colored in the same way. The main condition is to take quite a bit of hair. If you are afraid that the paint will fall on the other strands, use a strip of cloth or elastic band. Remember that we need to dye only the upper part of the hair!

As you can see, the technology is not particularly complex. The main thing here is not so much the painting itself, as the selection of suitable shades. Usually hairdressers in the salons have the skills of coloring. They can quite accurately select several shades of the same color range. In addition, a good master will determine exactly what the client needs, given her color type.

Balayazh on dark hair

Let us dwell on the last moment in more detail. Usually, women like "Spring" can use amber shades on their tips for balazing. For the "summer" fit cold ashes at the roots and pearl towards the bottom. Woman "Autumn" need to choose chestnut shades at the roots. The tips of the hair can be painted in bronze tones. For "Zim" choose rich eggplant and the color of Burgundy wine.

The easiest way is to find the necessary shade by examining the gradation of the palette of a particular manufacturer of paint for brondirovaniya. It should be remembered that the hair color may be different due to the native pigment.

If you want to try balayazh staining technique, then remember that highlighting should be done no more than once every 4 months. Also pay special attention to further hair care. Dyed strands will need air conditioning and masks.

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Balayazh is a highlight that helps to create the effect of sun-bleached hair on the hair. The technique is quite laborious. The key to success - the correct selection of colors. Highlighting begins with staining tips. For this, thin strands are formed. The coloring solution is applied vertically from the middle down. Then a darker paint spread over the strands on top. The inner part is not painted.

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