Bagel hairstyle


Any girl dreams of a universal hairstyle that would be appropriate in any situation. Among the endless styling options, the beam stands out in particular. This hairstyle is good both in celebration and in everyday life. It can be done at work, party, wedding. In addition to the universality of the beam with a bagel has another advantage. Its easy to do.

How to make a bagel for the hair?

Bundles of steel are especially popular in the middle of the last century. They remain at the height of fashion now. This hairstyle is very feminine. If before it was available mainly to owners of long hair, now everything has changed. The reason is simple. In the last decade, many accessories have been invented for such hairstyles. They do not just serve as decoration. Rather, they help create the bundle themselves in a matter of minutes.

Various bagels are quite popular. They are a foam device that holds the shape of the hair. Such accessories can be purchased at specialized hairdressing stores or do it yourself.

Hairstyles with a bagel for the hair are made on the basis of the most ordinary sock! He cut off the part where the fingers are located. As a result, you get a kind of pipe. It is better to choose a long sock. So the bagel will come out more dense and it will be better to keep the shape. Cropped billet begin to roll. The top of the toe is simply folded inside the ring. The result is the same donut.

Bagel hairstyle

To make it stronger, it is better to choose a sock not from natural materials. Color also matters. For dark-haired it is worthwhile to dwell on muted shades. Brown homemade brown bagels fit. Remember that the more the workpiece is made, the more magnificent the beam will be. In order to do different hairstyles, it is worth stocking up with bagels of 2 sizes. One should be more than others. In addition to this device, you will need a wide fabric and thin silicone gum, invisible.

Bubble hair bundle: classic method

The classic puchox with a bagel is a little more complicated than the other versions. It's all about the finishing touches. Hair tips must be perfectly hidden. For the first time you should do your hair near the mirror. You can use outside help. The longer your hair, the more difficult it will be to straighten in the finished hairstyle. A bundle of hair with a bagel is made on the same principle for different lengths.

  1. First, comb your hair. They should be perfectly smooth. Consider the location of the beam. It can move to the crown, be located below or at the side.
  2. In the right place tying tail. Fix it with a fabric wide elastic band to match the hair. Tail weave in our donut. Leave the tips. Their length should be about 7-8 cm. We wrap the donut at the tips. They are fixed behind the fixture. Then we begin to wrap the remaining hair. This is done by a simple movement - a donut tucks itself. At the same time he fixes the hair.
  3. Continue to twist the beam to the location of the hair. The last turn is worth doing especially tight. Ensure that the beam is well fixed. To do this, roll your head in different directions. The final touch - straightening loose strands. They should be fixed invisible or laid fingers. The bundle should look smooth.

This hairstyle is perfect for working everyday. If you want to transform it into something solemn, then use a tiara, invisible with pearls, decorative hairpins in the form of flowers.

Bagel hairstyle

3 exquisite hairstyles

If experience and skill are needed for a classic beam, then for other varieties, their hairstyles will not be required. There are very simple options. The lightest are made on the principle of interlacing.

To create a bundle with a scythe, you first need to comb your hair. To achieve perfect smoothness will help foam laying. You can use the iron.

Collect the strands in the tail, focusing on the center of the crown. Fix the high ponytail with a wide rubber band in hair color. Pull a donut through the strands. It should be located above the rubber band. Begin to divide hair into strands. Position them in the direction from the neck to the forehead. They should overlap the bagel, curling under it.

Fix the strands around it with a thin silicone rubber band of the desired color. You should have strands sticking to the side. From them we form braids. We use any weaving. You can the simplest. Wrap the braids around the beam. They seem to hide its foundation. We fix the tips with stealth.

Another interesting bundle with a braid can be done a little differently.

Comb your hair. Form a parting and distribute the strands on 2 sides. With the left over the ear, take a strand. Divide it into 3 parts. Begin to weave a pigtail spike. Do it until you reach the end of this half of the curls. Additional strands in the weaving is no longer necessary to add.

Finish the pigtail. The second part of the hair once again comb and tie in a low tail with an elastic band. Stretch the bagel. Wrap it with strands. Hair tips try to bend under the bagel. Pigtail nicely laid around the beam. For fixing, use stealth.

Bagel hairstyle

For a solemn occasion, you can make a voluminous bunch in the spirit of retro hairstyle. To do this you need a very large bagel.

Wet hair treated with styling foam. Comb and blow dry. They should be perfectly smooth. With the help of wide elastic bands lay them in a very tall horse tail. Skip it in a bagel. Pull the device to the crown. It should be located behind the rubber band. Start forming a bundle. To do this, pull the hair to the side. Hold them with your left hand. Under it, you should have free tips of curls. Hide them under the bundle. Secure stealth. Take a wide satin ribbon. Tie it around the bundle. Try to fix it securely. The tips of the hair should lie tightly under the tape.

If you are afraid that the hair will come out unstable, fix the bottom edge with invisible hair. In addition to ribbons, a kerchief can be used to decorate the beam. Usually it is put in the form of a triangle, which is placed in a certain way. The wide part is placed under the beam (from the side of the neck). The remaining tips of the scarf are tied at the top. Thus, you get an additional fixation of the beam and decor. This hairstyle is suitable for a casual look or clothes in urban style.

It is believed that the beam goes to absolutely everyone. This is absolutely true. The only thing worth thinking about is its shape and height. It is they who can emphasize the facial features. It is believed that the open beam is worth doing with the correct oval. It can be of any height. If your face is triangular, then it is better to beat the hair with bangs.

Bagel hairstyle

Bagel hairstyle

Bagel hairstyleBagel hairstyle

Bagel hairstyleBagel hairstyle

Another rule - the wider the cheekbones, the more verticals in the image. For this you can use long earrings. Also consider your height. A high beam is recommended for low girls. On the contrary, if you have the model parameters of the figure, then you should choose a non-volumetric hairstyle. This will help preserve visual proportions.

Hair with a bagel is often done in the form of a bundle. She goes to almost everyone. The bundle is suitable for a holiday or just to go to the store. In order for the strands to lie perfectly, it is worth using extras. Bagel can be made independently. Just cut the sock and roll it inside.