Back massage relaxing


The main purpose of a relaxing (or anti-stress) massage is to prevent psychological and mental stress. The effect is achieved by relaxing the muscles, thereby reducing the frequency of impulses entering the brain. This helps to reduce its workload, resulting in calm and peace.

Antistress massage is prescribed mainly for those who want to cheer up, recharge themselves with positive emotions, get rid of chronic fatigue and overcome depression and apathy. This type of massage is very effective for those people who have problems with overweight and increased appetite. These 2 problems arise subsequently low self-esteem, lack of positive feelings and emotional joys.

Massage, in addition to many positive emotions, is of great benefit to human health, especially for the immune system and the nervous system!

Back massage relaxing

What is useful for relaxing back massage?

  • Qualitatively and quickly reduces stress and fatigue. Massage brings a sense of joy, excellent well-being, comfort and spiritual harmony. Many psychologists and psychotherapists around the world with depressive state, insomnia, loneliness and isolation, prescribe massage and sports courses for patients, rather than antidepressants.
  • It is an excellent stimulator for metabolic and other processes of the body. Thanks to massage treatments, a person improves body tone and his general condition.
  • A positive effect on the skin (improves skin condition).
  • It is a good prevention against varicose disease and cellulite formations on the skin.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Modeling, anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage techniques are included in the toning massage.

Types of relaxing massage:

  1. Spanish hiromassage. The main purpose of this procedure is deep muscle relaxation. The basis of chiromassage is kinesiology, a special type of alternative medicine widely used in Europe and in the East. This type of massage involves various techniques by which an effective effect on the human body and its tissue composition occurs.
  2. The uniqueness of this procedure is that the person does not experience pain either during the session or after it ends. Hiromassage improves blood circulation and lymph circulation. Due to this, tissues are enriched with oxygen, and muscle tone increases.
  3. Tibetan relaxing massage. Classic massage from Tibet is the most popular anti-stress technique. She even has her own name - Ku Nye (“ku” - the use of lubricants and creams, and “nye” - massage). Tibetan relaxing massage includes a range of procedures: massage with oil, warming and yoga. This approach allows not only to relax and have fun, but also to extract the maximum health benefits, improve immunity.
  4. Stone therapy (stone therapy). In this method of massage are used natural stones, which are heated to the desired temperature and put on the energetically important points of the body. Doctors in stone therapy use both warm and cold stones, and thanks to this method, the vessels are well strengthened. In addition to stones, stone therapy uses a variety of minerals, which are conductors of cold and warm energy.
  5. Thai massage. Traditional Thai massage is based on the so-called energy lines that penetrate the human body. The purpose of this procedure is an active influence on acupuncture points. The basis of Thai massage went to manual therapy and linear massage.

Back massage relaxing

Proper execution technique

How to make a relaxing back massage at home? The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the skin of dead skin from the back. To do this, take a shower with the use of body scrub and hard washcloth. This procedure allows you to fully absorb massage oil and, consequently, enhance the effect of massage. After that, you can proceed directly to the session.

Massage should begin with slow and leisurely movements with palms all over the back. Massage should palms on both sides of the back. First, the area from the waist is stroked with the palms up, parallel to the spine, then the area around the shoulder blades is circled, and the movements go down again. This should be done until the massage oil is evenly distributed on the back.

The next stage is rubbing the back with light circular movements. This is done with the help of 2 palms: first, one side is pounded, then others. The movements are performed from the bottom up.

Now you need to stretch the spine. The first palm is placed in the region of the sacrum, the fingers are directed toward the neck. The left palm covers the right. It is necessary to walk along the spine to the neck, and then with the thumbs, located on both sides of the ridge, perform “walking” movements in the opposite direction, towards the waist.

This is followed by rubbing the back with the help of palms, the fingers should be raised upwards. There are quick manipulations from the buttocks to the neck.

Technique "wave". The fingers of the right hand captures a part of the skin and creates a wave from the skin, while the fingers of the left hand need to move this wave upwards.

Now it is the turn of the shoulder massage. Thumb and index fingers are kneading movements. It should move from the edges of the shoulders to the center and the area around the shoulder blades.

At the end of the session should be done the same manipulations that were described in paragraph 1.

After the massage, the person should be covered with a towel or a sheet and let him lie down for about 15 minutes.

How to make a relaxing massage girl?

Back massage relaxing

For the girl, the same scheme of relaxing massage, which was mentioned above, is suitable, but it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

Make sure the environment is calm and peaceful beforehand. In the house there should not be extraneous sounds or people. The ideal atmosphere is light twilight and slow relaxing music. Compositions like BuddhaBar, Moby, Sade, DeepForest, Mylene Farmer, DiDyuli or Enigma will be suitable as musical accompaniment.

But you should not light scented candles - contrary to popular belief, not every girl likes their obsessive smell.

Make sure you have massage oil. If you wish, you can add a few drops of essential oil of a liqe, bergamot, ylang-ylang, melissa or lavender. This will give an additional relaxing effect.

Start your session with a foot massage, and your girl will be delighted!

Relaxing massage is a great way to relieve stress after a hard day, soothe a slight sore muscles, tune in to the romantic mood. To perform the simplest massage technique, it is enough to know the basic rules, prepare high-quality massage oil and create a comfortable atmosphere.