Baby haircuts for boys. what will suit your child


When a child reaches three years of age, parents often begin to think about his haircut. If earlier it was enough just to reduce the length so that the hair does not climb into the face and generally does not interfere in any way, now you can be interested in the child in his opinion on this matter. Already at this age it is worth picking a haircut that will go to the baby.

Baby haircuts for boys: photos and recommendations

Baby haircuts for boys: photos

Hair for the child must meet several conditions. In addition to the overall harmony with the image, it requires convenience and maximum compliance with the features of the face of the baby. For example, the popular and simple hairstyle “hedgehog” is not recommended when the skull shape is irregular, because in no way can it hide a single flaw.

Long hair should be abandoned too active kids. It has to constantly wash your hair. Otherwise, this type of haircut will look very untidy. In addition, it will interfere with the child during games and any other actions.

If the boy's curls curl, you can pay attention to very short options that involve a stepped haircut. This will save the hair from excess volume, but will not allow her to lose lightness. And with perfectly smooth hair, the boy will look wonderful if the strands reach the earlobe. In addition, it is worth then to think about the bangs.

Taking into account the fact that most of the kids at the age of kindergarten and elementary school still do not lose their swelling, stylists do not advise to fully open it when choosing a haircut for boys. It will be beneficial to look only at an ideal oval, as well as harmonious proportions of the head and torso.

For an elongated face among children's haircuts for boys, hairdressers recommend paying attention to ideas with bangs that have a volume in the area of ​​the crown. Bangs are obligatory in the presence of a face shape to the triangle. It will look good and caret, especially when the baby curls curl.

Trendy choices for future men

You can choose a specific hairstyle, having decided to begin with, how long the child’s hair should be. For each of them, the hairdresser is ready to offer many options. But the greatest demand is still very short haircuts.

Haircuts for teenagers: photo

  • "Cap" - one of the most interesting for owners of straight or wavy hair. In combination with the bangs, it gives the image of innocence and charm, softens the common features. Moreover, in adolescence, with the help of styling products based on it, creative styling, loved by young people, is excellently obtained. Often the ends of the strands reach the middle of the ear or its lobes. How drastic the transition will be - it is up to you and your child to decide.
  • "Hedgehog", as already mentioned, you should not choose with the wrong shape of the skull. Like any other unduly open hairstyle, he exposes all the possible flaws on display, multiplying them many times. The essence of this haircut is to reduce the length of hair all over the head to 0.5-1 cm.
  • Of the hairstyles that are more flexible to the possible drawbacks of the skull, the “Canadian” should be highlighted. When you create it, the ears open, the edging of the temples shorn smoothly, the maximum length for the crown does not exceed 3 cm. But the frontal-temporal zone reaches 4 cm, as a result of which the hair is usually brushed back, creating a volume above the forehead. This hairstyle is appropriate in all conditions.
  • Another short haircut for a boy is “halfbox”. She refers to the hairstyles of sports type. Haircut does not hurt the child, does not require special care, except for maintaining the length. The lower part of the hair in the occipital zone is treated with a typewriter, and the bulk retains a length of 3 cm. The ears remain open, the temporal locks are just above the middle part of the ear.

Among the longer options offered by hairdressers for boys, it is worth highlighting the three most fashionable hairstyles in the current season. But immediately it is required to remind of the need to care for such styling.

  • "Bob" - hair is not new and not only male, but constantly remaining in the trend. It is difficult to say when the demand for it will disappear altogether. The main advantage of such a children's haircut for boys is the ability to divert attention from possible imperfections of facial features. For example, from a long nose, high forehead, heavy chin.
  • "Poo" parents choose for young children with very thick hair. In particular, it goes to kids with curly locks. Moreover, fashion trends allow you to choose from several of its variations. An even cut is not the only solution. Asymmetry, layers, graduation - all this adds interesting details to the image of the child.

Teen haircuts: features of choice

During the period of high school, the issue of appearance becomes acute for both sexes. Do not assume that only a girl at 13 wants to be particularly attractive. The boys at this time, too, are beginning to pay attention to hair and clothes. They go through different styles in search of themselves and in attempts to follow certain trends, depending not so much on fashion trends, as on the social circle. It is he who forms the personality of the teenager, affecting everything, even the appearance.

Baby haircuts for boys: photos

As a result, the choice of a teenage haircut for a boy will be based not only on already known factors like facial features and body build, but also on his nature, habits and other individual qualities.

Creative individuals who do not fit into the social framework, who are ready to express all their thoughts and ideas in public, will approach quite extreme, by the standards of most, options. For example, haircuts that use a razor. Including variations with pattern.

Among such styling, attention is given to the mohawk, which is challenging only with its appearance, to which not every parent agrees. But in this hairstyle there is nothing criminal. And it is much more logical to allow her child at the age of 13-17 to play out. Otherwise, unfulfilled desire will flare up after 25 years, which would be absolutely inappropriate.

This haircut is almost completely shaved side areas. The only mass of hair that remains intact is the middle vertical, which is usually parted. Often she braids in a thin pigtail. Undoubtedly, this hairstyle implies increased attention from the side that not every teenager will like it. In addition, the mohawk, unlike any other haircut for a boy, needs daily styling. With the help of gel or wax, the remaining mass of hair is placed vertically. As it is worth believing, their length should be no more than 20 cm, otherwise no styling means will cope with the task.

If you want to stand out, but such an extreme option seems too provocative, stylists are advised to pay attention to more restrained ideas. For example, vystriganie or shaved pattern on the back of the head. The basis in most cases is the hedgehog haircut. Even the master who has just completed courses will cope with it. But since it is not unique in itself, a simple pattern is made in any area of ​​the head besides the back of the head.

Of course, choosing a haircut for a boy, you must not forget about its relevance in various situations. In particular, not every school, gymnasium or lyceum will allow a mohawk or a drawing shaved at the back of the head to wear to his student. Therefore, before you go with the child to the hairdresser, you need to thoughtfully evaluate the pros and cons of a particular hairstyle. You can always consult with a stylist who will select the best option for children's haircuts for boys of any age.