Asymmetrical haircuts. best haircuts for short and long hair


If a woman needs a fresh wind of change, which will contribute to the emergence of something new in her life, she is recorded to the hairdresser. But there is often a new problem: what to do with your hair, so that it not only corresponds to the current fashion trends, but also changes the image for the better. One of the best outlets can be an asymmetrical haircut, which is at its peak of popularity in 2014.

Who should pay attention to asymmetrical haircut?

Best short asymmetrical haircuts

Probably, a person to whom an asymmetrical haircut would not fit simply does not exist. Given the variety of such hairstyles provided by fashion magazines, it’s easy to find an option. But still, there are a number of factors that should be guided when choosing a future haircut.

First of all, an asymmetrical hairstyle can be graphic, and may be careless. What to prefer - a question of taste and the desired result. In the first case, the facial features become visually sharper, adding rigor to the image. In the second - on the contrary, the look softens, fervent or romantic notes are acquired depending on the style.

Asymmetrical haircuts for short hair most often belong to the category of model. They are recommended for girls with an oval or rectangular face. Especially effectively look with pronounced cheekbones and long neck, which this hairstyle will emphasize even more.

Asymmetrical haircuts, medium hairs are capable of pulling out a round face or smooth triangular. They can divert attention from a heavy chin. In addition, many of the ways of styling such a hairstyle tend to visually add volume and density to the hair.

Best short asymmetrical haircuts

Best short asymmetrical haircuts

In the case of short hair that does not reach the shoulders, the most stylish option in 2014 can be called a bob hairstyle. Photos of asymmetrical haircuts of this type appear in glossy magazines most often. This is the perfect solution for those who are not afraid to stand out.

The longest strands in this style hardly reach the chin, and the short ones usually end at the base of the neck. In the classic version this is the case, but the asymmetric version suggests several ideas:

  • Bob with beveled parting. Here, the bulk of the hair on one side touches the chin, and on the other, it often ends at the level of the earlobe. Can be complemented by bangs, rolling in the longest strands.
  • Bob with central parting, different length of side strands and beveled bangs.

The beauty of this hairstyle in the first place is that it looks great on straight and curly hair. Perfectly hides insufficient thickness or, on the contrary, its excess. In this case, the hairdresser mills ends.

The brighter will be the difference in the length of the side curls, the more bold and stylish will be the image. The most stylish hair style bude with a difference in the "temple - chin." If such a haircut is complemented by perfectly stretched shiny hair with a clear cut, the attention of its owner is provided.

Asymmetrical haircuts

You can add zest and touch to the appearance by highlighting a few strands with a shade a couple of shades darker or lighter than the original hair color. You can put a contrasting color accent.

A more restrained version of the bob hairstyle, from temple to earlobe, or from zygomatic bone to chin. With wavy hair, this is an almost perfect everyday hairstyle that does not require daily torment during styling. It is enough to comb the hair and in the presence of a strong volume, slightly smooth the curls with the fingers on which wax is applied. Easy negligence here plays only on hand.

Asymmetry on long hair - stylish and bold!

If the hair reaches the shoulders, shoulder blades, or even lower, they are called long. They also have asymmetrical haircuts. The choice of hairstyles in this case more.

Individuals extravagant, not afraid of experiments, will like the idea of ​​changing the length and shape of the upper "cap" of hair. In this case, the lower mass remains intact, and its difference from the upper part becomes significant. There are often cases when the difference is 20-25 cm. Here, the preservation of geometric lines at different levels and intersecting each other looks spectacular.

Equally impressive will be an even cut of the upper mass in the shape of a semicircle, the type of asymmetric bean. This hairstyle, of course, requires daily styling and straightening strands. Otherwise, it may seem just the unfortunate creation of a novice hairdresser.

The original idea is thrown photos from fashion shows, where the models with the overall severity of hair and a smooth cut out a side strand of greater length. Also, stylists use the selection of this strand in color, a shade or two lighter than the main one. Most interestingly, this technique looks on curly hair to the shoulders.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Most often, for long hair, a ragged haircut is performed, in which there is no symmetry. She is especially appreciated by adolescents for the effect of negligence, the surprised looks of others and the lack of need to spend a lot of time laying.

The essence of this hairstyle is to cut the strands through a razor, which eliminates the possibility of obtaining a smooth edge and creates the effect of scraps of curls. Often, stylists emphasize the use of glare in a contrasting shade on the shortened strands.

The disadvantage of this kind of haircut is that separate short curls will definitely fall out of any high hairstyle. And besides, on thin and sparse hair, it rarely looks advantageous. A more familiar “cascade” is recommended for them: graduation of the mass of hair by the method of steps, the transition between which is smoothed to the maximum. It can be supplemented with beveled bangs, the edges of which are lost in the total mass. This technique is great for a round face and in the presence of a high forehead, because visually the haircut conceals both the upper surpluses and the side ones.

Hair care tips after haircut

Any haircut requires a review of hair care and daily styling. Few hairstyles can boast that in order to maintain it, you only need to comb the strands in the morning. In the case of asymmetrical haircuts, both brushing and barbershop artillery can be used.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Women who have naturally shiny straight hair, who do not want to lose an attractive look at any opportunity, are definitely lucky. There are no problems with them: smooth with a brush in the morning, sprinkle with moisturizing serum if necessary ... But there are very few such lucky women.

For those who have their hair curled, pushed or simply take on forms unknown to the world at any time of the day, a whole set of devices is needed. It includes: hair dryer, round brush brushing, iron, serum, wax and mousse. Hair care looks like this:

  • A small amount of mousse is pounded in the hands and applied to the root zone. The amount should be adjusted so that the hair does not become dirty. Lifting the strand brushing, blow-dry them.
  • Each curl is pulled through the hot plates ironing. The tips must be treated with any of the above mentioned means: wax or serum. They need, like mousse, quite a bit to select the strands and straighten them.
  • It is recommended to fix the final hairstyle with lacquer of any degree of fixation.

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The special charm of asymmetrical haircuts is that almost everyone can be considered unique by changing the angle of inclination, the amount of unevenly cut hair mass and many other nuances. The best option is born in the discussion with a qualified hair stylist who, on the basis of the available data, will suggest the most suitable version for you. The haircut should fit into your image. Then it will be possible to call her not just fashionable, but ideal.