As a girl or woman outwardly change beyond recognition

In the life of any woman there are times when problems at work and life are covered with a head. At such a time, I want to travel away from all this and relax. But what about those who cannot break out of the circle? It is necessary to change the attitude to what is happening, and even better - to study the question of how to change beyond recognition: the surrounding atmosphere will also become different!

How realistic and how can one become a different person externally and internally?

External changes often mean what we see in the first place: clothes, hair, makeup. However, you can change internally. Habits, manners, behavior and attitude of a person also mean a lot. As for the "facade", even for a short period, you can change the appearance, and for this you do not need to turn to plastic surgery.

How to change beyond recognition?

Sometimes the fair sex simply does not have enough self-confidence, and sad eyes, unkempt hair, worn things create a not very attractive image. In this case, understand how to change outwardly beyond recognition, and try it in practice the easiest way. To do this, just follow a few rules.

  • Get enough sleep every day. A good healthy sleep for eight hours will give strength and vitality, and life will sparkle with new colors. This is the best way affect the appearance and mood.
  • Find new hobbies and inculcate new habits. You need to start doing what you did not do before: come up with morning exercises, sign up for yoga or dancing. The main thing is that this is the first time for you: then it will be easier to understand the many facets of life and change. Your eyes will light up with excitement and lively light.
  • Eat right. You can not even imagine what changes will occur in the body and in appearance after several days of feeding on one of the popular diets!
  • Change the hairstyle and hair color. This does not mean that it will be enough to ask a friend to trim the tips and apply paint at home. It is best to turn to the "real" hairdresser, who will select the desired style and professionally perform the work.
  • Change wardrobe. Not every woman can afford to throw out all the things and buy new ones. Therefore, it is enough to get a few blouses to start with, which will refresh the image. Stylists are advised to choose something not peculiar to your usual style.
  • Go to psychological courses or read psychology articles on the Internet. This step will help change not only externally, but also internally. And this is a guaranteed push for change in the whole look.

Secrets of amazing metamorphosis

How to change beyond recognition?

Before changing beyond recognition, a girl needs to mentally imagine what she wants to become as a result of change. To do this, you can take a photo of a woman who is an ideal, or use a computer program that allows you to change hairstyles and hair color. After that, you need to put a good picture or photo in a prominent place in order to keep it before your eyes during the day.

Getting out of bed early in the morning, you need to go up to the image and, looking at him very carefully, close your eyes. And then imagine that you look in the mirror, and smile at your image. This technique, according to well-known psychologists, helps to mentally put an equal sign between the desired image and you. In those who learned to perform this technique, the surrounding almost immediately noticed a change.

The idols of many people - actors, TV presenters, singers and singers - often change their appearance. Stars that have changed beyond recognition, believe that it is impossible to go through this transformation without a weighty stimulus. They propose to motivate themselves correctly so that change will come faster, and others will notice them. Here are some ways that suggest how to change beyond recognition:

  1. Make a bet. It doesn't matter with whom - the main thing is to prove to yourself and other people that you are capable of changing.
  2. Fall in love. Not necessarily in a particular person - you can come up with an abstract image. Or focus on a friend who has been loved for a long time, and imagine how this man will look at you when he sees the changes that have occurred.
  3. Assign exact time frames and plan your metamorphosis. It is easier to start changing when it needs to be made at a specific date, and not “someday”. It would be great if the final change in appearance coincides with the event where most of your acquaintances will gather.

The decision to change itself suggests that big changes will soon come to life. It remains only to remember that you only need to change in a good direction, because a shaved skull or a piercing in the lip is unlikely to delight your friends. And if these are only positive changes in appearance, you can be sure that the changes in other areas will not keep you waiting.

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