Arrows for eyes with hanging eyelids


Every woman is individual and beautiful in her own way. All of us have different lip shapes, a unique eye slit and a landing of the eyelids, a different figure and skin. The biggest mistake is to consider the features given to us as disadvantages. This also applies to the century hanging in the eye: its owners often perceive this zest as a flaw.

Some girls are sure that the arrows for the eyes with the hanging eyelids are contraindicated. They argue that the line will underline this flaw. In reality, this is far from the case - one can be sure of this by looking at photos of actresses and models. Natalia Vodianova, Paris Hilton have drooping eyelids, which does not prevent them from using make-up even with bright arrows. What is their secret? In order to make beautiful arrows for the eyes with hanging eyelids, while not emphasizing such a losing their features, it is necessary to make some adjustments to the classic eye makeup.

Fundamental rules

Drawing arrows on the looming century

Drawing arrows on the looming eyelid can be done in several ways; You can use different colors and makeup products. However, it is very desirable to observe the following rules:

  • the lines should be large, bright, on the fixed part of the eyelid supplemented with a smoky background of shadows. If you draw a thin arrow, it may appear the effect of folds on the eyelids;
  • eyeliner should not be used: the probability of smearing is high;
  • ideal means - solid pencil and dark shadows (matte);
  • It is desirable to observe the smoothness of the line. At the same time it should be smooth (before drawing, ideally, it is desirable to sharpen a pencil);
  • Need to draw arrows with open eyes.


Consider the best option for drawing arrows on the impending centuries. What is required:

  • base for eye makeup;
  • pencil (the classic version is black, you can take gray or brown);
  • shadows the color of a pencil (without large spangles);
  • lighter shades (one shade);
  • mascara.


Makeup for Asian eyes with hanging eyelids

  1. For ever we put the base - without it, beautiful and neat arrows will not work. The makeup base prevents the shadows from rolling, increases the durability of the applied line, makes it more distinct.
  2. We take a thin brush with a beveled edge, apply black (or dark brown - depending on which one prefers, but always dark) shadows on it, forming the tip of the future arrow. Ideally, it will coincide with the line extending the border of the lower eyelid. In the process of drawing the stroke, we do not leave any dotted lines; we draw the line clearly, including all the folds of the century. To check if the line is solid, close our eyes and look - if there are empty gaps, we draw them neatly. The result should be a beautiful straight line.
  3. With the help of a pencil, we process the border of our "problem" century. Here is another important factor such as the incision of the eyes and their location. At close planting, the line should be drawn not from the inner corner of the eye, but from the place where the cilia begin to grow. Makeup for Asian eyes with hanging eyelids requires drawing a small arrow, which should not go beyond the eyelash growth line (otherwise they will visually become even narrower). If there is any doubt that the arrow will turn out uneven, you can apply the first strokes using shadows, and only then you can use a pencil on top of the sketch.
  4. Now we connect what we drew in points 2 and 3, - the tail with the border of the upper eyelid. At the same time we look only forward, we do not close our eyes. It's okay if a room formed somewhere (for example, the lines did not match) - this is easy to fix with the help of shadows. We look at what our arrow looks like (even or not), with an open eye.
  5. After that we close it, shade the resulting arrow, make the line as smooth as possible.
  6. The corner of the eye nearest to the nose is shaded (we use light shadows).
  7. We also paint over the border of the lower eyelid using a pencil.
  8. Eyelashes curl tweezers, apply mascara (can be 2 times).
  9. We take lighter shadows and put them on the fold, located on the upper eyelid. It is convenient to use a cotton swab for this.
  10. The final stage of the perfect arrow - take a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover, make the line even, walking along its outer edge.

The arrows in front of the hanging eyelids should be quite wide, without clear boundaries.

What should be eye makeup?

How to draw beautiful arrows

How to draw beautiful arrows, we found out. The good news: it was the most difficult, it remains only to supplement the image of other elements of beautiful makeup. Here are some secrets of applying cosmetics for eyelids with this structure:

  • It is worth highlighting the eyebrows. Contoured and dark, they distract the eye from the eyelids and eyes. To do this, select a pencil that matches the color, and carefully draw the lines, then shade it.
  • In order to paint the upper eyelids, use several types of shadows that differ in shade. Dark ones are used for the outer corner of the eyelid, light ones are for the inner one. Intermediate shade applied to the middle. Too bright colors do not use, avoid contrasts (they emphasize the disadvantages). We prefer the shadows of the same color but different shades.
  • We process the lower eyelid. To do this, let him down with an average shade, blend. No clear lines - this is the basic principle of makeup.

Following simple rules, you can not only hide the "surplus", but also give the look of mystery and expressiveness. Makeup for the eyes with the impending centuries step by step is convenient to do on the photo. With practice, professionalism will come, so we improve and every day we become more and more beautiful! And remember that we have no flaws - there are only features and highlights.