Arch nail modeling. kinds


Arch modeling is a fashionable and modern type of building that allows you to create nail plates that have immaculate geometry. The service of arch modeling is extremely popular, as many women are attracted by the opportunity to get perfect nail plates that are no different from natural ones.

Arch nail design: species

Thanks to the arched modeling, you can create incredibly beautiful and elegant artificial nails, characterized by elegant shape. The result of this type of extension is also nails, which have the maximum strength of the free edge and stress zone, as well as the beauty of transverse bending. Arch modeling can be acrylic and gel.

Arch nail design

Types of arch building:

  1. On forms;
  2. On tips;
  3. On the nail plate;
  4. Using special molds.

Arched nail extension helps to hide their damage, correct defects and correct the growth direction.

Key points in the arch building procedure:

  1. The correctness of the primary processing of the nail plate;
  2. Appropriate selection and clarity of the template installation on the nail plate;
  3. The use of special clips for modeling nails.

Not less important point in this case is the degree of skill and professional experience. To nails served as long as possible, you must achieve the correct architecture of the arch.

Consider the technology of creating the arch

Arch nail design

At first glance, the creation of the arch is not a difficult task. But in fact, to achieve a geometrically correct design, you need to put a lot of effort, based on your knowledge and experience. Arched buildup is hard laborious work that requires precise adherence to all stages.

First you need to saw off the free edge of the nail 1.5-2 mm and remove the natural shine with a special polishing nail file. Then apply a primer, pre-degreased and dried nail plate.

The base gel must be applied with a very thin layer. It is very important not to touch the cuticle, as this can lead to the rejection of the gel. After that, the nails are placed in the UV - lamp for 3-4 minutes.

The form must be cut to the shape of the nail, then set on it. Bending the workpiece should be as accurate as possible. Not even a small gap between the shape and the nail is allowed. Then on the free and stress zones of the form you need to put a substrate from a thin layer of gel, place your hand in the UV lamp for 2 minutes, then remove the dispersion layer.

Next camouflage gel form a bed and lay out the sculptural areas. To get a strong nail, the largest amount of gel must fall in the stress zone. The drop of the gel is distributed in such a way that the maximum thickness is obtained in the center and the minimum amount of material is located along the edges. Nails should be dried for 5-8 minutes.

Now you need to remove the sticky layer of the gel, saw off the smile line with a nail file, apply a thin layer of the base gel to the free layer of the gel, place it in the UV lamp for 1 min, put the service jacket using a white gel and dry each nail again.

Finally, it remains to remove the forms, fix the nails with special clamps, hold in the UV lamp for about 5 minutes, remove the clamps, nail down the shape of the nails, apply a finish gel on them and dry for 2-3 minutes.

The strength of the nail depends on the C-bend of the nail plate, which includes the upper longitudinal and transverse arches connecting the edges of a smile. It is very important to achieve in the highest zone of the nail, which is located at the intersection of the arches, the center of gravity, which prevents breaking.

Videos to help beginners

The network has enough video on arched nail modeling and training courses on Miroshnichenko, from which you can learn in detail about all the secrets of this procedure.

Nail care after arch extensions: rules

To make your nails look beautiful and well-groomed after arched modeling, try to follow the following rules:

  • Avoid chemical compounds on your hands and nails, especially those containing acetone;
  • Correct the edges of the nails using a special nail file for processing artificial nails;
  • Regularly care for the cuticle, moisturizing it with various creams and oils;
  • After the procedure of arched modeling, try to protect your nails from water and heat on them for the first few hours.

Contraindications to arched modeling

Arch nail design

The procedure of arched nail extension is contraindicated in the presence of infectious processes, as well as mechanical damage to the nails, including the cuticle. In addition, the procedure should be abandoned during the period of antibiotics, hormonal disorders, pregnancy and chemotherapy.

On the eve of the procedure it is not recommended to do a manicure. It is also forbidden to use before the arched extension hand cream, as this prevents a good fixation of the material on the artificial nail.

Arched nails are an excellent choice for those women who want to have a perfect manicure, close to natural, but can not boast of strong and even natural nail plates. The arch extension procedure is complex and highly accurate, therefore it should be performed only by a qualified specialist.