Aquarium nail design. features and benefits of technology


Aquarium design appeared quite recently and quickly became popular and fashionable. Its peculiarity is that the drawing is applied not to the surface of the nail, but inside. The pattern is covered with a layer of acrylic or gel, due to which a volume effect is created and it seems as if the image elements are under glass. That is why this type of nail design and called the aquarium. This design has many advantages and only 1 drawback - it can be performed only on the extended nails.

Features and benefits of aquarium design

The pattern, which is placed under the layer of acrylic or gel can be performed in any technique and any convenient materials for this. You can make a drawing with acrylic paints and bulk or flat acrylic modeling. Appliques of lace and threads decorated with foil and sparkles look very beautiful. Popular types of summer aqua design are applications in the form of fruits and images of the underwater world. The decoration of nails with elements of a clockwork will look extravagant and unusual.

Aquarium nail design

Even if you have chosen to decorate your nails some volumetric elements, such as small beads, modeling of acrylic, dry flowers or lace, they will not disturb you because they will be covered with a thick layer of acrylic. The surface of the nail will be smooth and shiny. The advantages of aqua design in front of other ways of decorating nails are not only this. We can distinguish the following:

  • Aqua design remains on the nails for a long time. On acrylic and gel, even ordinary varnishes can last for 2-3 weeks. And if you cover the image with a layer of acrylic, it will remain until you have your nails grow or you do not want to remove the extension. In this case, you can engage in any activity and not worry that the picture will be erased or fade. That is why many women choose aquarium nail design.
  • None of the known methods of nail design except aquarium can create the impression of three-dimensional image. Due to the application on the surface of the pattern of acrylic or gel, you can easily get the volume. In order to make the effect more pronounced for decorating the nails, three-dimensional elements are selected, for example, acrylic modeling.
  • Nails, decorated in the technique of "aquarium" should be protected from temperature extremes and contact with household chemicals. Housework is best done in special rubber gloves. And most importantly, do not forget to do the correction of extended nails in time. On average, this procedure is performed 1 every 3-4 weeks.
  • To make the picture brighter periodically in the intervals between corrections it is recommended to cover the nails with a usual transparent varnish. Due to the fact that the aquarium design is saved for a long time the pattern you need to choose a universal, which is suitable for various outfits, both everyday and festive.

Aquarium nail design: photo

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail design

How to make a design nail extensions "Aquarium Design" yourself?

Performing aqua design is a long and laborious procedure. In salons, it is much more expensive than a simple transparent build-up of gel or acrylic. Correction of such nails will also be expensive. That is why many women want to learn how to make luxurious nail patterns on their own. It is not difficult, you just need patience. First you need to increase the nails, and only then decorate them.

To build acrylic you need: acrylic powder of white or pinkish hue, brushes, special solvent, form, primer - a substance for preparing nails and nail files of different hardness. Such kits can be found on sale in specialized stores. Remember that acrylic dries almost instantly, so you need to work with it very quickly. Stages of growth:

Preparation of the nail plate. The top layer of the nail is polished with a nail file, and then degreased using a primer. This should be done so that the layer of acrylic is firmly bonded with a natural nail and does not flake off.

Setting the form. A special form is set on the finger and firmly fastens it. The form will serve as the basis for applying acrylic and help to make the same length of all nails.

The application of the base layer and shaping. After the paper base is installed, you need to apply a thin base layer of acrylic, shape and, if desired, increase the length of the nail.

When the acrylic hardens the form on the air, it is necessary to remove and level the surface of the nail and correct its shape with the help of special nail files.

Acrylic nails are durable and hard enough to break them. They are easily removed, it is enough to dissolve the acrylic in a special composition. These are undoubted advantages of the material. But some women note that after wearing acrylic nails their nails became weak and brittle. Fortunately, this happens infrequently.

It is easier to increase the gel, so if you want to learn how to build and design, it is better to start with it. Nails are better tolerated gel coating, and the material itself freezes only under a special lamp, so you can work slowly. Gel nails are not as strong as acrylic, they can only be removed by cutting and you can not restore broken nails.

Nail extensions - aquarium design: video

After building you can proceed to the implementation of the aquarium design. To decorate nails you can use: paints and powder from acrylic, rhinestones of various sizes, colored threads and sequins, dry flowers, colored sand, foil, modeling of acrylic and polymer clay, and more. etc. It looks great on the nails of a combination of various techniques of nail design, for example, painting and sculpting. When the decor is fully completed, it should be covered with a layer of gel or acrylic so that all elements are submerged in it and the surface of the nail becomes smooth.

Especially fashionable nail design "Underwater World". This design is considered a classic aquarium design.

First you need to make toning nail extensions. To do this, translucent organic paints are applied over the entire surface of the nail. For such a design take shades of water. Suitable colors from light turquoise to dark blue. Also relevant are emerald, golden and silver colors. The densest tone should be applied to the middle and free edge of the nail, its foundation should be left free.

Next you need to make a picture. This can be any pattern on the marine theme: fish, shells, algae, starfish, etc. This step can be skipped and immediately apply three-dimensional elements.

Bulk jewelry on the marine theme can be purchased at special shops for nail art or made from acrylic or polymer clay. If you have very small shells, you can use them.

Complement the composition with the help of colored sand, glitter, foil or dried flowers.

When the pattern is fully completed, it should be fixed. This is an important step. On drawing put a layer of gel or acryle. Volumetric elements completely immersed in it. The gel must be dried for several minutes in an ultraviolet lamp, and acrylic will dry quickly and in air.

Dried nails should be well polished with a special nail file and, if necessary, correct the shape. It is also recommended to cover them from above with 2-3 layers of clear lacquer.

Aquarium design has become very popular due to its practicality and the ability to perform various patterns on the nails, combining many nail art techniques. It is appropriate both in everyday life and on holidays. This type of decoration looks beautiful on short and long nails. That's just the last to do it much easier, because it is easy to place even a rather complex image.