Anti-wrinkle thiogamma

Recently, medical drugs are increasingly used for other purposes, therefore, not for the treatment of various pathologies for which they were developed. Thiogamma is an excellent tool to help get rid of both small mimic and deep wrinkles. Professional cosmetologists themselves advise to use this drug.

Thiogamma is a drug that controls the process of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the human body. This tool has a hepatoprotective effect, including hypocholesterolemic. Thanks to the systematic administration of this drug, it becomes possible to lower the blood glucose level, while the glycogen content in the liver increases.

Thiogamma for the face: beauticians reviews

This tool is included in the group of hypoglycemic agents. As a rule, it is prescribed during the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. The tool is made in the form of ampoules, in the form of tablets, as well as solutions, which are used for droppers.

Alpha-lipoic acid has become the main active ingredient of the drug. Thanks to this component, thiogamma is quite widely used today in cosmetology. This drug can be used as a cleansing tonic for the care of the skin of the face.

Thiogamma for the face: beauticians reviews

Acid is not only universal, but also a very strong antioxidant, which comes into opposition with negative influence from free radicals. There is a significant slowdown in the aging process, and in some cases it is reversed (however, this phenomenon occurs extremely rarely and only if the correct application of thiogamma is used). A unique feature of the acid is that it works perfectly not only in fat, but also in water. This item distinguishes acid from other known antioxidants (for example, vitamin C).

Thiogamma is effective against wrinkles, as it contains an active ingredient that is able to prevent the onset of the process of collagen glycation (its fibers begin to stick together with sugars, therefore the ability to retain moisture in the skin cells is lost, therefore, elasticity is lost). The main active ingredient does not allow glucose and fibers to combine, there is a significant improvement in sugar metabolism.

Thiogamma has a positive effect on the condition of the skin of the face due to the fact that the main active ingredient provokes a more accelerated process of cell recovery (takes place at the cellular level), begins to produce more active energy.

The acid also has a powerful anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, gradually pores, helps to eliminate black spots. That is why cosmetologists advise young girls to apply for face care, who suffer from post acne and acne.

A solution of the drug, designed to perform intravenous infusions can be used to wipe the skin. The drug will already be diluted, so you can apply it in its pure form (you need to use the product in a vial, 50 g, 1.2% each). However, experts advise against the use of thiogamma solution in ampoules. The fact is that the drug is made with a different concentration and, as a result, it can provoke a very strong allergic reaction.

Thiogamma: drug analogues

This drug has a fairly large number of analogues that make up a large group of certain pharmaceutical agents. Due to the provision of a strong therapeutic effect, these drugs are very popular and are very popular. The analogues of this tool include Octolipen, Berlittion 300, Lipoic acid, Thiolipon and others.

Thiogamma: drug analogues

Thiogamma: instructions for use, price

Thiogamma skin should be processed twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime, in the evening. You can use it as the simplest tonic or lotion for 10 days or until the entire bottle of product is fully used. An open bottle of thiogamma can be stored in the refrigerator for about 6 months, but not longer. It is strictly forbidden to leave the tool in warm places under direct sunlight.

A solution of a facial preparation costs about 10 dollars. However, despite a lot of positive feedback and the effectiveness of this tool in the fight against wrinkles, you should always consult a cosmetologist before starting to apply it. For maximum results, a specialist can advise in parallel to use an oil solution of retinol acetate. This substance, combined with acid, provides a strong rejuvenating effect.

Thiogamma is widely used in cosmetology due to its powerful positive effect - the process of cellular regeneration is accelerated, energy production is enhanced. Thiogamma has the following effects on the skin:

  • Sensitivity is eliminated.
  • The depth of wrinkles is significantly reduced (even in the corners of the eyes and lips, they become almost imperceptible).
  • Alignment of the folds of the skin.
  • The traces left after acne are quickly eliminated, and scars are removed. This action is due to the penetration into the extracellular space of the active substance, is the stimulation of reparative mechanisms.
  • Enlarged pores are significantly narrowed.
  • The work of the sebaceous glands is adjusted, therefore, it is possible to get rid of the increased fat content of the skin.
  • It works as a very strong antioxidant, having an endogenous origin.
  • It minimizes the risk of skin injury by ultraviolet rays.
  • With regular use, age spots become almost imperceptible.
  • Significantly improves the external condition of the skin.
  • The face gets a healthy color.

Thiogamma: instructions for use, price

In cosmetology, only the product can be used in bottles, which is intended for droppers, since it is already diluted. The drug is applied to a cotton pad, after which a pre-cleansed face is simply wiped. Performing such a procedure is useful in the morning and evening. As a rule, the full course lasts exactly 10 days, but can be extended if necessary.

You can take the drug and pour it into a clean bottle with a sprinkler, so that it will be much easier to use. Store the drug should only be in a cool place. Literally after the first use, the face becomes much fresher, however, it is only possible to apply the remedy of 1.2% concentration. Provided the preparation is thick, it is necessary to use saline to dilute it. Thiogamma can also be used to prepare a unique tonic.

With thiogamma a special rejuvenating mask can be made that has an instant effect. You need to take the fine sea salt and mix with water - you should get a very thick mass. A cotton swab is taken and the mask is gently rammed into all the wrinkles. Thiogamma is mixed with aspirin powder, then the resulting mass is applied to areas treated with salt and lightly patted. For 30 seconds, a gentle face massage is performed, then you need to wash. In the end, the face is rubbed with a fresh decoction of chamomile or cooled green tea. This activates all processes.

The use of anti-wrinkle thiogamma provides long-lasting results, of course, subject to its regular use. If there is a slight irritation or redness of the treated skin, you need to seek medical help, as this may be allergic to the drug and will have to be abandoned. Therefore, this method of fighting wrinkles is not suitable for girls with sensitive skin.

Women who used thiogamma, say that the desired effect will be instant, with all the wrinkles smoothed out, the skin rejuvenates and in just a few procedures you can lose almost 10 years.

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