Anti-cellulite cream at home


Beauty is the result of constant effort on yourself, and even if you have perfect data from nature, they still need constant polishing. And it is not necessary to strive for model parameters, it is quite enough to have a well-groomed and healthy look. An indispensable component of an attractive appearance is a figure, for which you need to carefully monitor all points - to eat right, play sports and, of course, care for your skin.

Despite the fact that the cream plays an important role in skin care, you should not wait for the effect as if by magic, this will not happen. Everything is important in the complex, and if you take care of your skin to the maximum, you will be able to get rid of such an unpleasant thing as cellulite, and for a long time to preserve the youth and elasticity of your skin.

Anti-cellulite cream with apple cider vinegar

In order to prepare anti-cellulite cream at home, you should take natural apple cider vinegar and any massage oil in proportions 1: 2. Mix components thoroughly and rub them on the skin. This cream is good because apple cider vinegar has the ability to destroy fatty compounds in the skin, strengthens and improves skin tone, and also removes excess fluid from the body, the oil acts as an auxiliary tool that enhances the penetrating effect of apple cider vinegar. Cream based on apple cider vinegar acts as a therapeutic agent, as it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and is a good prevention against the formation of varicose veins on the legs.

Anti-cellulite cream with juniper and essential oil of geranium

Anti-cellulite cream at home can be prepared with juniper and essential oil of geranium, as these natural ingredients can perfectly cope with cellulite.

Many women were convinced of the excellent effect of this cream on their own experience. It is done quite easily, all that you will need: juniper fruit oil - 5 drops, geranium oil - 5 drops and rosehip seed oil - 15 gr. All these tools can be easily purchased at any pharmacy and mix thoroughly with each other. Then rub this problem areas on the skin with your mixture, just do not forget that such procedures should be carried out with courses for 1-2 months.

rulesapplying anti-cellulite creams

  • Anti-cellulite cream is applied to problem areas every day, morning and evening.
  • When you apply anti-cellulite cream on the skin, carefully massage it for a few minutes so that the cream components penetrate the skin more thoroughly.

  • Some remedies and even anti-cellulite cream at home can cause allergic reactions, to avoid this, first apply the cream on a small area of ​​skin. This is especially true for creams with essential oils, because not all oils are suitable for any skin, so check the essential oil on the crook of the elbow by dropping a few drops on the skin.

Anti-cellulite massage cream

Anti-cellulite massage cream at home is good not only because it reduces the appearance of cellulite, but is also great for massage treatments.Cosmetologists recommend applying it in the evening after taking a relaxing bath. Composition: cold-pressed sesame oil - 200 ml, ylang-ylang essential oil and patchouli - 2 drops each, juniper oil - 1 drop and rose oil - 4 drops. All components are thoroughly mixed and poured into glass containers. How to apply such a cream? Pour some oil on your hand and start rubbing it into your skin, start with your ankles and move to the hips, finish rubbing the cream in the waist. It is important to rub this cream until the oils are completely absorbed into the skin, so you will achieve the maximum effect. Sesame oil, which is part of this cream contributes to the youth of the skin and accelerates the process of cell renewal.

Homemade anti-cellulite cream with olive oil

The recipe for this cream is extremely simple and the ingredients for it can be found in any home.

Composition: olive oil - 10 ml, body cream - 2 tsp, aromatic oil - 3 drops. Mix and rub into the skin twice a day. By the way, the ingredients for this cream are often used in beauty salons for anti-cellulite massage, and you can use this cream without much financial expense. With this procedure, fatty compounds are quickly broken down, due to which cellulite is formed. Rub this cream into the skin should be so - place your foot on a high surface and massage the surface of the skin, clasping it with both hands, smoothly approaching the thigh. Perform such movements 10 times. To increase the effect of the massage, you can use special roller massagers, they can be found in the pharmacy or cosmetic stores.

Anti-cellulite gels

Anti-cellulite gels at home have the same effect as the cream, only have a slightly different texture.Keep such gels should be in a cold place, and before use, slightly warm it in your hands. The most popular honey gel for cellulite.

The composition of the honey gel: liquid honey - 1 tsp., glycerin - 50 g, boric acid - 3 g, gelatin - 3 g, rose water - 30 g. Heat the rose water a little, pour gelatin into it, stir until completely dissolved and add the remaining ingredients. Stir the mixture thoroughly so that there are no lumps, and soak it for 4-5 hours before use. Instead of gelatin, you can use agar-agar - this substance has a firming and tonic effect. It should take 1 dessert. l on the above recipe.

Declare war on your cellulite, actively use anti-cellulite creams at home and exercise. In the event that you do not like active exercises, you can choose something more relaxed, for example callanetics, you can read about it in the article “Callanetics for weight loss. Video lessons”, there you will also find a training video course.