Almond oil for the growth of eyelashes. almond eyelash oil

Almond oil - a real find for the beauty of eyelashes. It will accelerate their growth, make it thick and long without special worries and financial costs.

Useful properties of almond oil and its application

Almond oil is a natural product obtained by pressing almond kernels.

It looks like a colorless liquid. In rare cases, she has a slightly yellowish tint. The composition of the oil includes important vitamins: groups B, A, E and F. Vitamin F is actively involved in hair growth.

Almond eyelash growth oil

Due to its properties, the product is widely used in cosmetics. It is used in various means for body care, hair, and also face skin.

Oil is great for accelerating eyelash growth. Protein-rich natural remedypossesses the strengthening, restoring and protective properties. Often exposed to aggressive environmental factors, eyelashes weaken, break, dry, lose their natural shine. With the help of almond oil, it is easy for them to restore beauty and health.

The easiest way to use: the tool needs to be heated, blot them with a cotton swab and apply on eyelashes. Attach parchment paper on top and secure using a bandage. Removed the tool after 15 minutes.

You can apply oil using an ordinary old toothbrush (2 p. A week).

Impose the composition on the eyelashes removing, pre, makeup. By the way, this oil is recommended to use for make-up remover. It is even better than expensive special tools, removes even waterproof mascara. Moisten the prepared tampon with oil and proceed to the cosmetic procedure.

Masks for eyelashes from almond oil.

Effectively such a tool for eyelashes: grape seed oil, pink, linseed oil, wheat germ oil and almond oil are well mixed. It is not necessary that all these types of oils be present in this mixture. It will be just fine if you have 2 or 3 of them. Add a solution of vitamin E and fish oil to the mixture. Use this wonder tool for 30 days. Avoid eye contact with cosmetic oils!

Another mask for the eyelashes of almond oil. Take 0, 2 g. Peruvian balsam, 8 g. Ordinary Vaseline, 5 g. Almond oil. Mix the ingredients and apply on eyelashes for 10 minutes.

Masks for eyelashes from almond oil.

This mask is usually used for hair, but it is suitable for strengthening the cilia: in 1st. mineral water, add 1 tbsp. l sea ​​salt and 1 tbsp. l almond oil. Mix all the ingredients and apply on the cilia. Do this procedure 3 p. per day (1 p. per week is enough for hair care).

Almond oil for eyelashes: reviews

  1. Carolina: I like this oil because it is easy to use and has no contraindications. The only thing unpleasant is when it gets in your eyes. Need to be careful!
  2. Lara: I use almond oil for eyelashes and for strengthening hair. After all, cilia are the same hair. I have them from the oil grow like yeast.
  3. Svetlana: I make myself a tincture of almond oil and the roots of ordinary burdock. Means for the growth of eyelashes effective.
  4. Annie: I love almond oil for what is sold in all pharmacies and at an affordable price. In this case, it gives a noticeable result!
  5. Faith: I usually get great inconvenience with all sorts of compresses, tinctures and masks from fatty oils. But when I nevertheless decided to try the almond, I did not regret, for the sake of beauty, you can be patient. But the mascara recently do not use. I now have cilia and so beautiful.

In order to make the eyelashes beautiful, it is not necessary to buy expensive fashionable mascara. Remember the old grandmother's tools, the effectiveness of which is proven over the years. Almond oil, for example! With it, you can quickly return to the eyelashes beauty and well-groomed appearance.

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