Aging skin care


The aging process starts relentlessly from the age of thirty, intensifying after 35 years. A woman's face at that age is the result of his attitude toward himself in his youth. Here, an excessive passion for tanning, smoking and many other things may also appear. The skin all this time seemed silent on all your mockery of it, but now it can play a cruel joke with you.

But skin ages in different ways. Depending on the type of wrinkles, there are two types of aging: fine wrinkled and deformation.

Thin women often have a fine-wrinkled type of aging. They can be seen on dry skin and inelastic skin, especially those who suffer from smokers. Signs of aging in such women appear fairly quickly, and if the necessary measures are not taken in time, then there is a chance that the person will eventually become like a baked apple.

Fuller women usually have a deformation type of skin aging. Wrinkles appear only on the forehead, between the eyebrows and on the nasolabial folds. But such wrinkles are quite bright and striking. The greater the age, the more they appear, the sagging of the cheeks also occurs, because of which the face loses its contour.

The fight against aging should be conducted depending on what type of aging you have.

Rules for the care of fine-wrinkled skin: 30-40 years

If you have this type of aging, then you need daily care to extend the beauty of your skin. Make-up from the face, take off only with a special tool, then wipe the face with a tonic and apply a protective or moisturizing cream on the skin, depending on the skin type. Use collagen rich cosmetics. Typically, such cosmetics are rich in amino acids, oxygen or vitamin C. Also suitable cream with antioxidant substances, vitamins A and E. It is better not to wash with tap water, but use cleansers for this. At bedtime, it is useful to apply a serum rich in vitamins and a regenerating cream on the skin. In beauty salons, you can take advantage of services such as surface lifting - it creates a film on the skin that tightens the skin, use more algal masks on the face, manual massages and massage with the help of special cosmetic devices that enhance muscle tone. After the age of 30, the skin becomes dehydrated faster, and if it was dry before that, you cannot avoid skin problems. In addition, after 35 years, the body produces less female hormones - estrogen and progesterone, which are largely responsible for the beauty and elasticity of the skin. You should not go to receive artificial hormones, at this age you can do without them. But you can eat foods rich in phytoestrogens, which are a natural analogue of hormones. Phytoestrogens are found in soybean, soybean, sesame and palm oil. It is better for women with a fine-wrinkled face to not sit on strict diets, since together with the remnants of excess fat you will lose skin elasticity. It is good to include butter and vegetable oil, juices in your usual diet. And alcohol is better to use in small quantities, as it pulls moisture from the skin.

Rules for the care of deformation type of skin: 30-40 years

With this type of skin will not be enough to care for her with conventional means. There will be needed procedures - lymphatic drainage and lifting, they are offered by many beauty salons. Also useful for skin peels, which should include AHA-acids. It is important with such a skin to choose the right cream, which should improve the circulation of substances in the skin. The composition of this cream will include: extracts of gingko biloba, chestnut and vitamins.

Women with oily skin are more fortunate than others, since at this age such skin maintains a moisture balance in the inner layers, more elastic and not so amenable to age-related changes. It is in adolescence that owners of oily skin suffer from rashes on their faces, and by the age of thirty all these unpleasant things are already passing. From the variety of cosmetics in the cosmetic industry, you should choose a cream with the mark of anti-age, which have the property to narrow the fat pores. But here fat creams with a very dense texture and high content of oils should be avoided, as they are suitable for dry or normal skin. You can opt for light anti-aging cosmetics.

Terms of care for sensitive skin: 30-40 years

As a rule, owners of sensitive skin do not have any particular problems with their skin. By the age of 30–40, the ability of such skin to react strongly to external factors decreases. But at the same time, the protective properties of the epidermis also decrease, and therefore sensitive skin also requires care. Residents of large cities can use special cosmetics for cities, as sensitive skin is particularly sensitive to dust, dirt and exhaust gases. The cream for sensitive skin should include components such as extracts of aloe, chamomile, calendula, glycerin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. But funds with mineral oils, sea minerals and salts, dyes should be avoided.

Determining your type of aging skin is much easier to care for and choose skin care products. Yes, and with the help of proper care, you can slow down the aging process of the skin, and look younger than your age!

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