Aesthetic cosmetology


Aesthetic cosmetology allows you to fully care for your body and face. Allows you to emphasize the innate beautiful features of the face, to hide the shortcomings of appearance (for example, age) or to correct unwanted features of a person’s appearance. Professional cosmetologists use modern equipment, innovative technologies and natural cosmetics to achieve the desired condition of the skin, hair and nails. They diligently form a harmonious image in accordance with the understanding of human beauty.

Aesthetic cosmetology does not include medical manipulations. Its goal is to regulate metabolic processes in the human body, to delay the visible external manifestations of aging as far as possible.

Methods used in aesthetic cosmetology

  • SPA procedures;
  • Peeling;
  • Masks;
  • Massages;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Use of serums, creams, tonics, emulsions, scrubs;
  • Depilation;
  • Proper nutrition.

How to keep beauty and youth. Tips from leading cosmetologists

The condition of the skin depends on how it is looked after. With age, the imperfections of the skin are very visible, if you do not resort to regular cosmetic procedures. Good nutrition and rest is one of the main features of skin care. Replenishing the body with essential nutrients, vitamins is very important. The skin is very sensitive to unbalanced food intake and imbalance in nutrition. Harmful habits (alcohol and smoking) adversely affect the appearance and health, can cause many acquired changes in the skin (for example, wrinkles around the lips).

Aesthetic cosmetology

The skin is very susceptible to sunlight, frost and wind. And in need of constant protection, the use of seasonal cosmetics. In the summer, these are sunscreens with varying degrees of UV protection. And in winter, the mandatory use of protective creams and emulsions on a fat basis. This will avoid unwanted effects on the skin and help prevent many cosmetic defects.

Stress affects the state of the whole human body. During stress, a person loses more than one third of nutrients, which negatively affects appearance and health. Stress treatments are SPA treatments, anti-stress cosmetics, regular massages and body treatments. This will help the body relax, improve blood circulation. Cosmetics are better perceived by the skin and more effective.

Mandatory use of individually selected cosmetic products will give a complex effect on the skin condition. For example the use of day and night creams. Applying cosmetics should be done strictly along the massage lines, so as not to stretch the skin on the face. Apply should be fingertips, clapping movements. In no case do not press and rubbing movements. Use special sponges and brushes for washing, - they help to activate blood circulation on the face, exfoliate the epidermis cells. The use of abrasive particles will complement the face cleansing process. They destroy the intercellular adhesions through a gentle peeling.

Regular exercise for the face will help the muscles maintain their tone. You can do it yourself, first sitting in front of the mirror. Massage also effectively fights signs of aging. The effect on the skin with stroking and tingling movements has a beneficial effect on the skin due to improved blood circulation and collagen production.

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Influencing complex cosmetological procedures and methods, both outside and inside the body, you can permanently preserve youth and health. And most importantly: to avoid surgery.