Acne toothpaste


Even the most skillful make-up can be spoiled if it is applied to the imperfect skin. Moreover, her imperfections give the girls a sense of insecurity and therefore spoil their mood. Among the most frequently encountered problems, various eruptions are distinguished, and all forces are directed at combating them. Including attention is paid to folk remedies: for example, toothpaste. Does it help with acne? And how to use it?

Does Acne Toothpaste Help?

Even the strangest myths from scratch are not born, so if someone began to argue that toothpaste from acne saves instantly, then this was the place to be. Only if this product has acted, or because of that, other means, and blamed everything on toothpaste is unknown. Therefore, in order to understand whether such a popular recipe has the right to life, it is necessary to thoroughly study the composition of toothpaste, paying attention to the work of each of its active ingredients.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, any toothpaste should be gentle (excluding whitening species), destroy bacteria that provoke an unpleasant smell, and ensure the prevention of caries. Depending on the addition of certain ingredients, the product may perform other functions, however, the above listed must be observed regardless of the value of the funds and its focus. Thus, we can immediately say that the toothpaste has antibacterial properties.

Acne Toothpaste

Given the fact that on a clean and problem-free skin rashes do not appear, acne is often born as a result of the vital activity of bacteria. Hence, the assumption that toothpaste can affect them, killing the pathogenic microflora, is not unreasonable.

Now you need to elaborate on the ingredients of the tool. Various flavors are not of interest, as well as flavorings. Abrasive substances that mechanically clean the teeth are unlikely to affect the rash, but they can help in gently cleaning the upper layer of the skin. Whether all of her types will respond to this correctly will become clear after a complete analysis of the composition.

The next component - the enzymes that eliminate plaque on the teeth, and antibacterial components, among which triclosan is most often used. This element can actually affect acne and similar rashes, because by its properties it kills microorganisms of fungal character, as well as gram-positive and negative flora. At the same time, there is a danger of a hormonal disturbance in case of accumulation of a substance in the body, therefore toothpastes, in which it is present, are used in short courses.

In addition, there are toothpastes with natural ingredients: for example, extracts of sage, chamomile, oak bark, eucalyptus. Most of these ingredients are also classified as soft antiseptics, so their effect on the rash also can not be excluded. But in this case, simple washing with decoctions of these herbs will be much more effective, and not the search for toothpaste with their presence. Since the proportion of extracts in it will be lower, and the effect will be even less pronounced.

Toothpaste for acne: how much to keep and how often to use?

Acne Toothpaste

If, however, some toothpastes can help in the elimination of acne, you need to understand how to apply them for this purpose. For what period to apply on face? How often does this happen? How long can you get rid of rash?

Immediately it should be noted that to eliminate acne is selected toothpaste with a dense consistency - not a gel, and not a color tool. That she will act as actively as possible. In addition, bleaching pastes and those containing mint or tea tree oil are used with care. Despite the fact that inflammation and rash, they kill in a short time, a negative consequence of such pastes can be peeling and even peculiar burns. Therefore, persons with sensitive skin, as well as prone to dryness, are not recommended to use such toothpastes to eliminate acne.

Depending on the nature of your rash, a method of applying a means to them is selected. If the entire face is suddenly covered with small acne, it is better to visit the doctor, since these problems are most often associated with internal disorders that cannot be cured by a folk remedy for a day. A rash intervention can worsen. If the acne is random and local, popping up single in some areas, they can act on the toothpaste correctly. But whether it will save you overnight, or whether it will require a longer period of time, it is definitely not possible to say.

The algorithm of action is simple: a thick layer of toothpaste is applied to the pimple, preferably the skin around it is not affected. And after that, it is not worth touching the treated area. Many people carry out this procedure before bedtime, but since there is a risk of leaving the whole product on a pillow, it is better to set aside 6-8 free hours during the day. The inflammation disappears already in such a short period of time, the pimple dries out, but the skin will not become completely even in 24 hours. Therefore, the rash will still have to mask if you need to go somewhere.

It is desirable to repeat the procedure with a toothpaste smoothly until the pimple loses its redness. Its further processing will not bring results, since the inflammatory process will already be eliminated.

It should be noted that girls with sensitive skin may have scaling after the first day of using toothpaste. It is impossible to protect yourself from such consequences, so you should take care of the subsequent wetting of the dried area. Base oils (almond, jojoba) do an excellent job with this task. In addition to them, you can use grape seed oil, which is considered the least comedogenic. And, of course, before applying a specific toothpaste on the skin of the face, you should test for an allergic reaction.

How to get rid of acne overnight?

In addition to toothpaste, there are several ways in which you can remove local inflammations on the face. All of them belong to the category of folk remedies, drugs for them can be found in the pharmacy or even at home in a standard medicine cabinet. Almost every option allows for 1-2 nights to significantly improve the condition of the skin.

Acne Toothpaste

  • Tetracycline ointment. It is necessary to be careful with this remedy, since it is an antibiotic, but it fights inflammation perfectly. Apply a thin layer only on the area with rashes, leave for 45-60 minutes, then remove with warm water. More often than 2 times a day, it is undesirable to use, and after reduction of redness, treatment is required to stop.
  • Salicylic acid. The most famous and affordable drug that is added to all products for problem and oily skin. It can also be used to prevent eruptions, as it actively cleans the pores. And to eliminate the existing acne, a cotton swab dipped in salicylic acid is treated locally each.
  • Tea tree oil. A very strong antiseptic, however, is overly concentrated, so it must be diluted. At 1 tbsp. warm water accounts for 2 drops of oil. Inflamed areas are rubbed with this fluid. No more than 2 times a day with oily and combination skin, and only 1 time per day - with normal. Tea tree oil is not suitable for people with sensitive and dry skin.
  • Tooth powder and streptocid. These funds are mixed in equal proportions, after which warm water is added to them to form a thick, sour cream-like consistency. It should be applied to a pimple and left for several hours.

In addition to these drugs, there are several popular recipes that work for a longer period. This is a variety of decoctions of chamomile, oak bark, calendula, etc. They are recommended to wipe the areas with rashes every day, and after a week you can see how the skin is cleansed. And with active acne rash, compresses from pumpkin pulp work well.

But the treatment of any inflammation must begin with a search for internal problems. Pay attention to face hygiene: change pillowcases of pillows on which you sleep, towels, do not touch your face with dirty hands. In addition, it is important to adjust your diet. If after the expiration of 14-20 days and these methods do not work, you should consult a doctor: it is likely that acne is caused by a failure of the hormonal background.

Toothpaste for acne is a technique that works, as numerous examples prove, and justified in terms of active ingredients. However, not secure. You can use it by first checking the means for compatibility with your body, and be sure to follow all the precautions listed above.