Acne facial masks at home


It is difficult to find a person who has never had a problem with acne on the face. Acne spoils the aesthetic appearance of the face, gives the impression of pain and worsens mood.

Usually this problem occurs in adolescents or in adulthood. It is important to understand the causes of the unexpected appearance of acne, methods of treatment and prevention of their occurrence.

Acne facial masks at home

Causes of Acne on the face

Acne occurs due to clogging or pore pollution.. First, white acne is formed on the face with accumulation of sebum; when the infection gets, inflammation of the skin occurs, turning into skin wounds, which are painful to touch.

Prone to acne is the chest, face, and back. With improper skin care, the situation is aggravated, redness is formed and the skin flakes off.

TO internal causes of acne relate:

  1. Disturbed metabolism
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  3. Increased sex hormones,
  4. Heredity,
  5. Incorrectly selected cosmetics.

More often the cause of acne lies inside the body, Therefore, it is better to consult a dermatologist, as a whole body examination will be required. Only after a complete examination and appropriate treatment can you resort to the help of salon dermatologists and treat inflammatory processes outside.

Acne masks at home

If you do not have time to go to a beauty salon, you can begin to treat acne at home, using the following masks.

  • Curing existing acne and preventing new ones will help blue clay mask, apply which you need 1 time per week constantly. Add 1 tsp to blue clay. tincture of calendula, a few drops of lemon juice and boiled water. Apply on face for 10 minutes.

Acne facial masks at home

  • You can get rid of acne with garlic masks, which will require crushing a few cloves of garlic until gruel is formed. Gruel applied only to acne, initially smeared with vegetable oil to avoid irritation of the skin. After applying the mask, we cover the face with a linen cloth, which we pre-moisten in hot water and leave for 12-15 minutes on the face.
  • For cooking yeast mask need 2 tsp. pressed yeast diluted in warm water to obtain a thick mass and add a couple of drops of lemon juice. Wash off the mask after complete drying with cold water.
  • You can get rid of acne with honey mask. Honey is considered the best natural antiseptic that will help in the fight against infections and inflammation, moisturize overdried skin. The mask will require 1 tbsp. l Mix natural honey with oatmeal and natural yoghurt or sour cream with a thick consistency. Mask need to keep 5-7 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.
  • To narrow pores, whiten your face and relieve irritation protein mask. To prepare the mask, beat two proteins until a thick foam is formed and apply for 15 minutes on the skin of the face; after a time, wash off with warm water.
  • Dry pimply with toothpaste, preferably with an extract of herbs. Paste is applied to the skin before bedtime, in the morning you will notice that acne is dried.
  • Acne dries well lotion from 1 tbsp. l Mint decoction, 1 tbsp. l Calendula tincture, 1 tbsp. l boric alcohol and lemon juice droplets. Lotion wipe acne every morning and evening.
  • You can also wipe your face for skin treatment. parsley root juice, plantain leaf juice, aloe juice, tea tree oil, calendula tincture, St. John's wort tea, chamomile tea.

How to avoid acne on the face?

  • Switch to non-comedogenic cosmetics containing a minimum of fat and substances that resist clogging.
  • For washing you can applytar soap or special products for cleansing problem skin.
  • Before going out, be sure to protect your skin with a special cream.
  • Do not cleanse the skin with alcohol-based preparations. They adversely affect the structure of the skin, causing even more sebum secretion.
  • Once a week, be sure to peel your face with special scrubs with exfoliating properties.
  • Morning start with a glass of water, which will help cleanse the accumulated toxins and improve skin tone.
  • Every morning need rub the face with an ice cube from chamomile decoction.

Acne facial masks at home

  • Do not refuse the use of steam baths, which help cleanse the pores and remove the stratum corneum.
  • From the diet should be excluded coffee, tea, soda, sweets, fast food, fried foods.

If you follow these simple recommendations and make the proposed masks, then you will succeed quickly get rid of acne and look healthy and happy!