Acne carrot mask


Problem skin ... behind this correct phrase is the real problem of modern women. With pimples, acne and acne we pay for bad ecology, unbalanced nutrition, stress and other realities of modern life.

Naturally, in the women's arsenal there are many secret weapons from homemade masks to pharmaceuticals.

One of the simplest and affordable tools in the struggle for female beauty has long been an ordinary carrot, which in masks is perfectly combined with kefir, cream, cottage cheese. The chemical composition of carrots includes: carotene, potassium, vitamins A, C, K, PP, B9. What does this set of human skin? Cell regeneration, natural collagen production, reduction of pigmentation, neutralization of inflammatory processes, protection from ultraviolet rays. It would seem that here it is a panacea for all ills - it grows on the garden!

Carrot mask for acne: reviews

But the intense rhythm of life of a modern woman makes some adjustments here too: not everyone will begin to waste time preparing the "magic mask" with their own hands. And then come to the aid of funds created in the laboratories of cosmetic companies.

Carrot in a tube, use in a cube: carrot face mask, Hendel

Innovative Carrot mask of Hendel's Garden is very popular among women. Organic facial mask based on carrot juice extract with enhanced formula, enriched with niacin. Today it is one of the best tools in the fight for healthy skin.

Hendel carrot mask is really effective for any skin type, because it simultaneously acts in 2 directions:

Carrot in a tube, use in a cube: carrot face mask, Hendel

  1. It actively cleanses the pores of the skin, removes excess fat, thereby eliminating the blockage of sebaceous glands (those black dots!). Then tightens pores. Due to the presence of potassium, the problem of pigmentation is solved. At the same time, the skin is moisturized and softened, and dryness and flaking is removed.
  2. And most importantly, the carrot mask, thanks to its unique formula, penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and does a tremendous job. The walls of blood vessels are strengthened, the production of collagen is stimulated, in the process of which fine wrinkles are filled from the inside and smoothing of the skin occurs. Niacin contributes to the normalization of blood circulation, due to the improved elasticity of the blood vessels, the nourishment of the skin is restored.

Thus, the use of the carrot mask from Hendel (Hendel's Garden) improves the skin soreness after 2-3 times of application, the oval of the face is tightened, the skin becomes smooth and clean. Here, even the most ardent supporters of eco-products lose ground: the carrot mask is as natural as possible, as efficient as possible!

Carrot face mask for acne: reader reviews

Carrot face mask for acne: reader reviews

  • Marina: I have been fighting for the purity of my skin since I was 14, I tried a lot. And among the most suitable means for a quick and complete cleansing of the skin, I consider Hendel's Garden carrot mask. It helps me always, I think, and the rest can help out.
  • Svetlana: I have very sensitive skin of the face. One has only to experience any kind of stress, as my skin blooms with acne and acne. Naturally, there are a lot of effective means, but usually they hit the family budget. But more recently, they are successfully replaced by the "carrot mask" from Hendel. Quick, visible result, just what you need. Feels like: live, natural cosmetics. Recommend!
  • Olga: Every spring since childhood I suffer from freckles. After hormone therapy, pigmentation was also added. I did not think that my problem would succumb to the usual mask. And, nevertheless, thanks to the mask of Hendel, my appearance has changed dramatically. No, all the freckles are not gone, but they have become much lighter, and their number has decreased. And the pigmentation has weakened by several times, as after chemical peeling, which is now contraindicated to me. This carrot mask really works!

Certainly, reading this article, the thought arises: is it really so ?! A lot of things are written! And yet, we must try. You can not give up, you can not be inactive, because the beauty, health of the skin is worth it! There are really effective and not expensive cosmetics that can provide real help. And let them not remove the underlying problems, but can only give short-term results. But this is also very important and should not be neglected!