A nicotinic acid


Although nicotinic acid is not a panacea for excessive hair loss, it still found its niche in the market for drugs that improve hair growth.Nicotinic acid is very simple in its structure, this fluid is famous for its beneficial properties in the field of hair growth, strengthening their roots.

The issue of hair loss is facing the modern woman very sharply: stress, depression, chronic diseases and poor ecology seriously violate the natural processes of the female body.

Many women have tried many hair care products, some still choose, but there are also those who have already tried nicotinic acid.

Reviews on the use of nicotinic acid for hair loss

  • Irina: I never heard anything before about nicotinic acid, but now I also learned that she can stop hair loss. Need to try.
  • Diane: Nicotinic acid is a vitamin of this kind, called PP, I have been using it for a long time, it helps.
  • Olga: I like to use nicotinic acid because it is convenient to use, unlike other folk masks.
  • Inga: I bought nicotinic acid at the pharmacy, used it for about a month, did everything right, or waited for a better effect, but did not notice any special hair growth, just that my hair began to fall a little bit smaller.
  • Elena: It helped me, my hair fell very hard, I was experiencing a break with a loved one, it became scary when I saw a shred of hair in my hand, then I decided that I needed to do something, like repair my hair, I bought , of course, a sedative, spent a week on a drink and began to look for a miracle cure. I decided to go to the trichologist. The doctor advised me: "Buy regular nicotinic acid in a pharmacy, it costs a penny, 40 rubles not more, will help your new hairs grow gradually, everything will return to its places, and where the hair fell out, the nicotine will restore the hair structure." After a month of applying the hair industry in those places where they were already slightly thinned. I noticed this, because every day I ran my hands through my hair and noticed the difference, at first they were almost like a feather, and then they got stronger and almost did not differ from the main ones.
  • Angela: I have been applying for only a week, the result is not yet visible, I hope that it will help. It is so interesting that when the scalp absorbs nicotinic acid a little, such a slight tingling is felt, this microcirculation increases.
  • Sonya: I heard about nicotinic acid several times, but I never tried it myself, so I want to try it. Cheap and angry.
  • Tatiana: I tried these remedies, with the same characteristic effect, first I had to bake my scalp, it did not help me, so I think, maybe now I can try nicotine too ...

  • Ksyusha: I don’t know who it is and what it says, that I have a smell of nicotinic acid, I didn’t feel anything, and the most interesting thing I don’t feel right now is that I expect results from the application.
  • Vic: Sensations such as if someone is crawling on the head and baking a little, well, probably, it should be so.
  • Elena: Little nicotinic acid on her head should be smeared, and you should drink different vitamins and lead a healthy lifestyle, go to bed at the proper time.
  • Ira: I bought these ampoules, smeared them for a month and a half, I didn’t see any special changes, I am very pleased that I didn’t throw out the money, I bought 10 ampoules for only 35 rubles.
  • Lena: It helps, but not everyone. My mom helped, but she did for a long time, first a month, as everyone says, then took a break for two months, I don’t remember exactly how much, then I started again, in general, I have a pensioner and she has nothing special to do, hair is already sparse become due to age, we found information about nicotinic acid with it. But it did not help me, I did it too, but for about a month and a half and a half.
  • Inna: One year ago, I tried nicotinic acid, such a good thing, but I had to use it for a long time for the best effect.

Beautiful you and healthy hair! Love yourself and take care of your body! And the article Nicotinic acid for hair growth will help you decide on your choice.

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