5 strand braid


Luxurious curls - the pride of the fair sex. On long hair, you can do different hairstyles and create unique images. Weaving - Spit is very popular lately. Most often, you can see the classic version - "spike" or the so-called French braid. Would you like to create an unusual, modest, but at the same time refined hairstyle? Then you definitely need to learn how to braid correctly from 5 strands.

5 strand weave braids: some features

5 strand weave braids: some features

Before you begin to master the technique of weaving a spit of five strands, familiarize yourself with some rules:

  • Any types of weaving should be performed only on dry and clean hair.
  • Before weaving braids hair should be thoroughly combed.
  • To weave a braid of 5 strands, you need to use the following tools: a massage brush, a comb with long and sparse teeth, an elastic band or a hairpin, a lacquer or a fixing spray, and ornaments.
  • If you weave a braid of 5 strands for the first time, it is best to resort to outside help. To perform such weaving requires certain skills.
  • Weaving, as a rule, begins from above at the temporal part and continues obliquely to the opposite side (to the bottom of the ear). If the hair is long, then weaving can be continued along the entire length.
  • Curly hair before weaving must be straightened. On even hair, the braid looks sleeker and, of course, weaving is easier.
  • In the braid of the five strands, you can add a ribbon that is woven into the hair and gives the hair some elegance, lightness and tenderness.
  • There are several options for weaving a spit of five or more strands. If you are new to this business, then begin to master the weaving technique from the classic version.

The scheme of the classic weaving

5 strand braid: classical weaving scheme

If the first time you did not get a spit of five uniform strands, do not despair. Long and hard training will lead you to the desired result. Many girls prefer to weave on wet hair, because they do not push and fit better. The first time you can also try braiding a braid on wet hair. But remember that it is not recommended at all to braid wet or damp hair at all, since they are severely damaged by this.

Let's look at the classic process of weaving a braid of 5 strands in more detail.

Weaving technique:

  1. For a start, comb your hair well and divide it into five identical strands.
  2. If it is difficult for you to weave loose hair, then at the top of the head you can collect the tail, and weaving then start from its base.
  3. In the weaving scheme, all strands can be conventionally denoted by numbers, we will number them from left to right.The technique of weaving braids from 5 strands
  4. Start weaving with the fifth strand: you need to hold it sideways over the third and skip under the fourth.
  5. Spend the first strand from the opposite end over No. 3 and skip it under No. 2.
  6. Then again take the fifth strand and skip it over the fourth, and then under the strand number 3.
  7. The next step of weaving is that strand No. 1 is pulled over the third and below under the second.
  8. All the above actions should be carried out from the beginning of weaving, that is, from the fifth strand to the end of the braid.
  9. You should have a total weave in four steps.
  10. Braided braid can be slightly loosened by hand to give it extra volume.

Chess Spit of 5 strands: step by step instructions

5 strand Chess Spit

The weaving "chess" looks very nice. Spit turns volumetric and unusually beautiful. As a rule, ribbon is used for weaving a chess braid, but you can only take 5 strands of hair. Let's look at the weaving process step by step.

Weaving technique:

  1. You need to comb your hair well.
  2. Separate the hair at the crown and, under the separated strand, attach the tape of your choice with invisible hair.
  3. Fold the ribbon in half to form the so-called two strands.
  4. Next, select one strand of hair to the left of the ribbon and two to the right.
  5. Weaving start with any edge. Take a strand and skip it first over the next one, and then under the next strand. Thus, the strand must be brought in the opposite direction.
  6. On the other hand, take a strand and pull it first over the next one, and then under the next strand to the opposite end.5 strand Chess Spit: step by step instructions
  7. Continue to weave, alternating the side strands, to the end of the braid. Fix the braid can be woven with a tape or rubber band.

French weave of a five-spit pigtail

5-strand French braiding

The French weaving of a spit of 5 strands can rightly be considered classic. The scheme is almost the same as the classic braid, except that you need to start weaving from the top of the crown itself, grabbing the side strands. Allowed weaving is allowed to make the braid as voluminous and lush as possible. Let's look at the step-by-step process of weaving a five-strand French braid.

Weaving technique:

  1. On top of the crown, divide all hair into five equal strands.
  2. The diagram conventionally indicated the left and right strands. For convenience, all strands are painted in different colors.5-strand French braiding: scheme
  3. Begin to weave on the left side: skip the extreme strand below the next, and then over the third. Do not touch the right strands yet.
  4. Then stretch the rightmost strand over the next and below the third left strand.
  5. Next, stretch the leftmost strand over the next one and under the third strand. At the next stage, the same order must be carried out under the second right.
  6. Stretch the second left strand under the third and above the fourth, that is, above the second right.
  7. The extreme strand on the right is not necessary to touch.
  8. Bring the third left strand over the second left so that it becomes extreme.
  9. Next, twist the rightmost strand with the leftmost strand and stretch it under the second left.
  10. Continue weaving, starting with the first step, until the end of the braid. Fix the braid with a beautiful bow, hairpin or rubber band.
  11. Do not forget to weave hair from the temporal part. They need to capture small strands and weave into the extreme right and left strands.

Spit with ribbon: weaving features

Five-strand braids with ribbon: weaving features

The ribbon braid is woven simply enough and is suitable for both everyday and evening look. Very often, such braids are braided to schoolgirls. Let's look at the main aspects of weaving.

Weaving technique:

  1. The tape should be single and serve as one strand.
  2. Comb your hair and divide them conditionally into four strands.
  3. On the left you should have three strands, and on the right two, with one of them being a ribbon.
  4. Weaving is best to start from the side where there are three strands. Take the last strand and stretch it under the next one and over the third one. Then the extreme first strand is put over the weaved ribbon.
  5. On this side, you should have three strands, one of them - tape.
  6. Take the extreme strand from the opposite side and run it under the next strand and pull it over the ribbon.Five strand braids with ribbon: weaving technique
  7. Both steps described above should be alternated until the braid is completely woven. Be sure to grab the side strands of hair that remained at the temples.
  8. After you have finished weaving, carefully fix the braid and slightly loosen it with your hands.

If you are just learning the skills of weaving braids, then the best thing is to start with the most common - into three strands. Then you can complicate the learning process and weave braids of 4 and 5 strands. To create an exquisite hairstyle, use accessories, hairpins and ribbons. Do not despair if the first attempts at weaving a spit of five strands will not bring success. A little of your desire and patience will help you create an amazing hairstyle with original weaving.