Tattoos on the wrist for girls. features of the selection

Drawings and inscriptions on the body in modern society have not long been considered signs of a person’s belonging to certain sectors of society. Tattoos have become something of a fashion accessory. The popularity of the tattoo is growing not only among men, but also among girls.

Features of tattoos for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

It would seem that all the tattoos are the same. However, women's and men's tattoos are still different. The special difference lies in the fact that the same pattern for women and men can mean completely different things. Many of those who make tattoos for themselves claim that a beautiful picture, namely the so-called “artistic tattoo” has no hidden meaning.

Use such a tattoo just to decorate your body. Nevertheless, not everyone thinks so, so if you are not ready to explain to people about the abstractness of an artistic tattoo, before you do it, ask what is behind such a picture or inscription.

It is especially important to recognize the translation of foreign inscriptions and the hieroglyph so as not to get into an awkward position. Among the female tattoos can be identified several main motifs: floral, floral ornaments, characters, images of animals, insects and fairy-tale characters.

In addition to drawings, women are often used as tattoo on wrist lettering. Here you can trust your imagination and write a popular expression in Latin, in English, a line from your favorite book or song, etc. Inscriptions can be made under the picture. This technique will help create a holistic, emotionally colored composition.

Tattoos on the wrist: inscriptions

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

On this part of the body, girls can do a variety of tattoos. It can be bright drawings, and inscriptions, and hieroglyphs, and so on. Symbols and ornaments. The most beautiful and original wrist tattoos for girls will be tattoos made from their own sketches. However, ready-made sketches of masters or images taken from the network can be very interesting.

Very popular on the wrist are small tattoos. They look cute and feminine, moreover, they do not attract as much attention as bright and large tattoos. Inscriptions are popular for posting on the wrist.

If you decide to make an inscription on your wrist, remember that the phrase should be fairly short, because the wrist itself is small. Too long text tattooed in this area may look like a solid spot.

Also very popular are tattoo bracelets that are made on the wrist, completely covering it. Such images also look very feminine. Most often, various patterns are chosen as patterns, as well as patterns with ribbons, bows or imitation jewelry can be placed around the wrist.

Tattoos on the wrist for girls


Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Latin writing

  • Audacesfortunajuvat - Happiness accompanies the brave
  • Contraspentspero - I hope without hope
  • Errarehumanumest - To err is human
  • Estquaedamflerevoluptas - In tears there is something to enjoy.
  • Ex veto - As Promised
  • Faciamutmeimernineris - Make sure you remember me
  • Fatum - Fate
  • Gaudeafilusigitur, JuveneadumSumus - Let us have fun, as soon as the young ones
  • Hocestinvotis — That's what I want
  • Inhacspevivo - I live this hope
  • Magnaresestamor - Great Job - Love
  • Malomoriquamfoedari - Better Death Than Disgrace
  • Necedemalls - Do not lose heart in misfortune
  • Perasperaadastra - Through the Stars
  • Suumcuique - To each his own
  • Valeetmeama - Goodbye and love me
  • Actumneagas - With what's over, don't return to it
  • Aetatefruere, mobilecursufugit - Take advantage of life, it is so fleeting
  • Phrases in English
  • Everyonehasone'sownpath - Each Way
  • Everyoneseestheworldinone'sownway - Everyone sees the world in his own way
  • Only my dream keeps me alive - Menygreyutshimoemochty
  • I remember everything that I forgot.
  • I'll get everything I want - Get what you want

By the way, and in Russian you can pick up no less interesting and sonorous phrases and aphorisms, in order to perpetuate them in the form of a tattoo on your wrist.

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Tattoos on the wrist for girls

Kakuhozhivat for tattoo?

Tattoos on hands are demanding in the care. Care they need to provide from the 1st day of its application.

After removing the dressing, be sure to wash the tattoo with water using soap, dry it, and then apply a specially designed ointment. In no case do not use alcohol solutions for tattoo care.

During the period while your tattoo will heal, it is strictly forbidden to visit baths, solariums and take baths, besides, it is not allowed to sunbathe in the sun. A tattoo that heals cannot be scratched, rubbed, or otherwise acted upon, although the desire to scratch it will probably arise.

As for cosmetics, they can begin to use only after 10 days from the date of application of the tattoo.

Tattoos on the hands are most conveniently done below the elbow, in these places the skin is least affected by external changes.

Beautiful tattoos on the wristThey look very feminine and give their owner a special charm. Of course, before you make a tattoo, you need to carefully weigh everything, because the drawing or inscription will remain for life. And if you decide to get a tattoo, then feel free to go to a good master, for sure, you will be satisfied.

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