Сasual - clothing style. casual casual style

Every woman with special trepidation is waiting for holidays or parties to impress everyone with her evening dress. But to look stunning and stand out from the crowd is enough to dress in today's popular casual style, and you definitely will not be unnoticed!

The word "casual" came to us from English, and means "windy, frivolous, careless, unofficial." These words perfectly represent the main features of the style. Casual was born as a kind of contradiction to the strict dress code, which defines certain limits and limits the creative freedom of expression.

The history of the emergence of style is as controversial as its essence. According to one version, casual appeared in the small Scottish town of Aberdeen, or rather in the football club, which bore the same name. The founders of this club - football fans wanted to stand out, and they came up with a unique club style, a characteristic feature of which were things of certain brands.

Сasual - clothing style.

Сasual - clothing style.

Then fashionable fans realized that the brands were not important at all, they began to expand the range of their favorite brands and boldly combine them. As a result, the key principle of style emerged - comfortable clothes and harmony of the incompatible.

Dr. the version says that Scandinavian villagers dressed in this style.

Skillfully weaving in your wardrobe casual is a kind of art, taking into account the importance of parts, accessories and matching the situation, because dressing with a bit of frivolity and ease does not mean being careless in clothes.

Casual Style: Characteristics

Сasual - clothing style

Casual style for every day: photo

The characteristic features of casual are: free interpretation of all classical traditions of wardrobe formation, daring original color combinations, slightly ostentatious negligence with regard to elements of clothing, mixing and combining various styles. In short, all comfortable things, convenient for each individual person, which allow you to behave liberated and show their charisma and individuality.

A big plus of a democratic casual style is that it does not need big financial investments. You can safely combine expensive designer brands with things from second-hand, or even look into the cabinets to find your mother’s things or grandmothers. Frivolous casual style completely excludes the use of details of official, business style or various subcultures. Everything else is welcome.

Сasual is suitable for all women with any type of figure, which is also important. An interesting top, laconic jeans, an original bag and a light scarf, and you will not go unnoticed.

Сasual - clothing style.

Casual style for every day: photo

This style cannot be imagined without a favorite denim. After all, denim clothing is practical and comfortable. For example, wear skinny jeans with a short tunic dress or a light blouse with romantic ruffles or ruffles. Do not forget, casual does not tolerate an abundance of glamor, so forget about sparkles or rhinestones.


Another casual look in a casual style is a plain gray cloak over a sexy tight-fitting dress and stiletto heels. Or a strict skirt with a laconic sweater or blouse, add to this image leather jackets and stilettos.

A versatile and wonderful find of casual style - complex, multi-layered ensembles, the options of which are countless.

Сasual - clothing style.

Casual style for every day: photo

Casual shoes and accessories for women

Shoes for this style should certainly be comfortable and fit the situation. You can replace stilettos or sandals with hooligan sneakers, light sandals, soft suede moccasins, bright ballet flats. If you can’t imagine your life without heels, then give preference to options on a stable version with a comfortable shoe.

Separately, it should be said about the accessories that fit into the casual image, because these are key attributes that help to arrange the necessary accents.

For example, a creative handbag of unusual shape or color, catchy shoes, a leather or metal bracelet, a large ring on a finger will give you individuality. The main principle of casual accessories is brightness, flashiness, moderate provocation and a harmonious combination with any clothes, both with jeans and dresses.

Сasual - clothing style.

Сasual style directions

The casual style has several types or variations, one of the most stringent is business - casual, who boldly, uses different types of fabrics and combines classic elements with unbuttoned shirts and jackets, worn over the sweater.

Casual style for every day: photo

  • Business - casual - the harmony of the usual classics and frivolous democracy.
  • Smart casual is a less strict office style, both elegant and casual. The founder of the founder is smart designer Georgie Armani, who showed the world how to add airiness and deliberate negligence to a business suit.

Casual style for every day: photo

  • Characteristic features of Smart-casual are semi-fitting clothing, comfortable jumper over strict shirts with the top button unbuttoned. Freedom of style is expressed in the fact that you can roll up the sleeves and decorate the ensemble with an abundance of accessories: scarves, stoles, earrings or pendants, not being afraid to choose bold color solutions.

Casual style for every day: photo

  • Street-casual is the most popular, perfect and bright style direction, because there are no frames and boundaries, complete freedom of choice and self-expression, unexpected mix-up of colors, shades and types of fabric. The main thing is not to forget about the refined negligence!
  • Sport-casual - trend trends are similar to Street-casual, but along with this, it is complemented by denim, especially strict jeans and shirts. Bulky vests, sneakers, sneakers, lots of knitwear, hats or caps, fabric bracelets, pendants, pendants and glasses - all this complements the look.

Casual style for every day: photo

  • CasualChic is casual elegance created by the designer NinoCherruti. The direction is characterized by a skillful combination of simple, laconic styles in clothes with expensive, luxurious fabrics.

Through the controversial casual style brings a sense of perfect taste and the ability to see in casual and everyday clothes the basis for creating a fashionable and unique look. Take it into service, and casual will become your favorite fashion trend!

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