Retinol peeling

Face - every woman's business card. On how we look, depends not only our mood, but also success in business. Every girl does not become younger over the years, therefore refers to various procedures that will help to return the former beauty and youth to the face. In the struggle for the eternal beauty, women daily make masks, apply creams, attend expensive beauty salons. One of the most popular procedures lately is retinol peeling.

What is retinol peeling?

Retinol peeling is also called yellow peelingor retinoic peeling. This peeling was called "yellow" due to the fact that retinoic acid, contained in the peeling, temporarily stains the skin yellow. Many girls after visiting the beauty parlor and doing retinol peeling are frightened to see yellowed skin in the mirror.

What is retinol peeling?

Retinol peelingwill help to remain an attractive, young and flourishing woman. This peel smoothes shallow and deep wrinkles, removes signs of aging, scarring and skin hyperpigmentation.

Retinoic acid, part of the retinol peeling, is a derivative of vitamin A. Due to this, this peeling does not injure the skin, but, on the contrary, stimulates the work of cells and increases metabolism.


Retinol (retinoic) peeling: reviews

  • Alina: "Remarkable peeling, got renewed beautiful fresh skin! It is also used to treat hyperpigmentation. The next day after peeling was reddened, so that we had to take time off from work. But then the face simply did not recognize - it became smooth, toned and beautiful."
  • Olesya: "I constantly do peels. Especially, I like yellow peeling. After yellow peeling, the face becomes smooth and becomes vibrant. The first few days the face is reddish and the skin peels off, but after 3 days everything returns to normal and I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. If you have not tried yellow peeling, run to the beauty salon and be surprised at the results! ".
  • Kira: "I have excellent impressions after retinol peeling. Only after the procedure, the skin of the face for about two days has a bright pink color and is a bit tight. In the first days, I richly lubricated my face with moisturizers to get rid of discomfort. On the 4th day, discomfort and peeling completely gone, and the skin became smooth and silky. I am very pleased with the results! "
  • Anna: "In my case, I received a bad reaction for the skin. Later, I didn’t come up to similar procedures for another 9 years. Then I ventured to do an almond peeling, so it came up very well."

Retinol (retinoic) peeling: reviews

  • Evgenia: "Retinol is a good thing, but in creams. The result of such chemical peels can be a burn of the face, followed by its restoration and renewal of the dermis. Therefore, it is better not to take risks or, at least, contact real experts in this field."
  • Valeria: "I did yellow peeling 3 times. I am happy with the result! It’s embarrassing to appear in public at first - the skin is pink like a piglet. And after the peeling itself, the skin has yellow color for eight hours. But this peeling requires deserved sacrifices, because his skin is like that of a baby! "
  • Olga: "I was impressed by retinol peeling. At first, the face is red, and the skin is very flaky. But when the old skin disappears with peeling, you will get a beautiful face. I will do more!".
  • Svetlana: "After retinol peeling, I had complications: my face was covered with stains, but I cannot respond negatively to this peeling, because everything happens differently for everyone. For many of my friends, this peeling helped very well. Only before retinol peeling is better to consult with a dermatologist."
  • Helen: "I did retinol peeling several times and always successfully! Not even a week had passed before the skin was completely refreshed - it was just great! You wash and feel how the old skin rolls under your fingers. And I looked normal, peeling was almost imperceptible."

Compared to other peels, Retinol peeling is more gentle, which makes it even more popular, especially among young girls who are trying to get rid of acne scars. More mature women Retinol peeling helps to restore skin youth, therefore it is used not only for the face, but also for the neckline, neck and hands.

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