Long hair bundle

Bundle - one of the simplest and at the same time the most elegant hairstyles for long hair and hair of medium length. The bundle is perfectly combined with both business and sports style, and with the evening option. Creating a beam does not require much effort, so it can easily be done in any conditions, even during a hike. Using different techniques modest bun can be easily converted into a luxurious evening hairstyle.

Hairstyle bun for long hair

Options beams there are a great many. Because of such a large variety, this hairstyle can be considered universal, since any woman can create her perfect bun if she wishes. But, despite its versatility, it must be remembered that bunches, like any other hairstyles or haircuts, can emphasize not only your strengths, but also weaknesses.

Long Hair BundleLow beam

  • Elegant high beam - the best hairstyle for slender women with a swan neck and regular features. In this combination, even an untidy bun looks great! If your neck can not be called swan, the beam will have to do lower.
  • High beams at the top should not be made tall girls. Low soft bunches will help to brighten up a very thin neck.
  • Owners of flat nape will face high beams: flat or in the form of a figure eight.
  • Small women do not fit large bunches of long hair, they will look ridiculous. In this case, a tight bundle with curls of curls is well suited.
  • If the tuft is located at the crown, it is very important that the hair that grows around the neck is not very tight.
  • In order to make a bundle, collect your hair on the back of your head or on the top of the head, twist it and secure with hairpins, forming a bundle. If the hairstyle needs to be given a little volume, use different nakladochki, for example, a roller made of foam rubber or some hairpiece. The bundle can be made tight and loose, tidy and careless, low and high.

Beautiful astrakhan bunch for long hair

Horizontally, divide your hair into 4 equal sections. At each, collect the hair in the tail and twist it tightly into the flagellum to form scribble-like patterns. Secure the original "astrakhan" bundle of flagella in your neck using studs. This hairstyle looks very stylish!

Beautiful astrakhan bunch for long hair

The bundle is elegant for long hair

  • Divide hair into 3 parts. The back of the head should be more than the other two. 2 separate the front side parting. Secure front locks with hairpins. Comb the back of the hair, lifting it to the crown and tightly tightening the gum, make the tail. Twist the hair with a not very tight braid and wrap it around the base of your tail several times. Leave a small loop into which you pass the loose tip of the tail.

Bun elegant long hair

  • Tighten the knot tightly and put the ends of your strands into it. Secure the bundle with studs and sprinkle with varnish. Now remove the clips from the two side parts of the hair and comb them. Start the left side strand on top of the beam, carefully laying it over the ear, and secure it with stealth, leaving the ends of the hair free. Do the same with the right side. Now elegant bundle ready! Great hairstyle option for a real lady.

A bunch of festive with headbands for long hair

A bunch of festive with headbands for long hair

Apply styling product to wet hair so that it is good to pull it out when drying. Dry and straighten hair with a hair dryer and brush, then assemble them into a ponytail, and with your fingers in front of you, slightly loosen the tension of the hair. Tail transform into a free bundle, not very tight securing it with pins. Then take 2 rims. One put on his head, placing it at a distance of 5 cm from the hairline. The second bezel is better positioned about 5 centimeters from the first. Then spray your hair with lacquer, where necessary, smooth the strands.


Bundle of wavy long hair

Bundle of wavy long hair

Apply on clean damp hair styling foam. Dry and straighten your hair with a hair dryer and a comb. Take the tongs and strand by strand wrap the hair around them to make waves. Assemble the strands in the tail and pull off the rubber band. The last time you pass the hair through the elastic, leave it free to sag in the form of an eyelet. Wrap the noose around the rubber band, pointing it down. Now fix the hair with hairpins. This version of the beam will look good with matching shoes and a beautiful barrette or satin ribbons.

A bunch of festive with accessories for long hair

Festive bundle with long hair accessories

The usual bun can be easily transformed into a gorgeous evening hairstyle with the help of various hair accessories: colors, clips, scallops, original hairpins. Just do not overdo it, especially with metal hairpins. It will look ridiculous, besides a large amount of metal on the hair can cause severe headaches.

Festive bundle with long hair accessories

Learn more about how to tie beams in the article How beautiful to make a beam?

Now you know, How to make a luxurious hairstyle out of a usual bunch. You may even be emulated. And this is not bad, because it will only talk about your impeccable taste and good hairdressing skills.

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