How to draw flowers on nails

Manicure with flowers is the most common type of nail decoration. He looks tender and feminine. It seems that performing a floral design is difficult and time consuming, but in reality it is not. If you want to learn how to draw flowers on nails, start with simple drawings, and then move on to more complex and intricate.

How to make drawings of flowers on the nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

For painting nails you may need special tools:

  1. Flat and thin brushes, it is recommended to get brushes with natural pile
  2. Dots - a tool for drawing points
  3. Multi-colored nail polishes, gel or acrylic paints

Before applying floral patterns need to prepare nails. Make a manicure, remove the cuticle and give the nails the desired shape. Then apply a nail polish base on your nails, and when it dries the base polish, choose the shade of your choice. Wait until the product dries completely.

This nail design looks soft and cute, and it is done quickly and easily using dots. For the picture you need 2 shades of lacquer, one for the petals of the flower, and others for the core. Dots apply on the nail 5 circles, located next to each other. When the petals are a little dry in the center, put a dot of other colors, you get a core. You can also draw simple leaves and stems. If desired, decorate the pattern with rhinestones or sparkles. Secure the pattern with clear lacquer.

Sakura flowers on the nails are drawn a little harder. For a Japanese cherry design, prepare 2 black glossy or matte varnishes, white varnish, pink and green. You will also need a dots, a thin brush and a transparent fixing coating.

Manicure performance:

  • 2 nails, on which you wish to draw, paint with white lacquer, preferably put in 2 layers.
  • The remaining nails cover with black lacquer also in 2 layers. Wait until they are completely dry.
  • Start drawing sprigs on white nails. Submerge a thin brush in black lacquer, mark the branches in the form of slingshots.
  • Between the twigs, you will need to make floral clusters, the flowers are drawn by dots. Dip the tool in pink lacquer and put on the nail 3 identical points that should be in contact. Make such groups of 3 points in all places where you want to see flowers.
  • After the pink petals are dry, place one white dot in the center between them, you will have a core.
  • In order to keep the picture for a long time, cover it with a transparent adhesive varnish. The optimal number of layers - 2.

How to portray poppies on nails with acrylic paints?

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

To perform on the nails maki will require a lot of patience and some drawing skills. Experts recommend using gel or acrylic paints, they are very convenient. In addition, the acrylic can be washed off with plain water if the drawing does not suit you. For a pattern with poppies, take pastel shades of lacquer to be used as a base coat, black, white and red varnishes, a transparent protective coating. From the tools you need a thin brush and dots.

Step-by-step instruction:


  • Apply pastel lacquer on the prepared nails beforehand. Very beautiful with red and black color will be combined translucent beige varnish. When the background is completely dry, you can start drawing flowers.
  • Dip a thin brush in red on one side and on the other black. It is important to respect the ratio of tones, red should be 5 times more than black.
  • Brush attach to the marigold and follow 2 broken petals.
  • In order for the poppies to look as natural as possible, take a bit of white lacquer on the tip of the brush to dilute the red color. Then follow the 2nd layer of petals, which will cover the 1st.
  • The next step will be the design of the heart of the flower. First fill the center with a green shade of lacquer, and then with white color draw inside the thin rays coming from the middle. Top dotsom apply small dots-stamens.
  • When the flowers are fully drawn, you can start drawing leaves. First, take the green lacquer with the red on the tip of the brush. It is important to observe the proportion of shades, green should be 4 times more than red.
  • Apply a series of medium thickness touches close to each other. This technique of drawing leaves will make them torn with ribbed edges like real poppies.
  • Optionally, you can supplement the composition with buds and draw the plant stems.

Drawingrozy: master class

How to draw flowers on nails?

Roses are often used in nail art. These flowers are feminine and elegant, they will decorate a festive and everyday manicure. In this master class will be described a method of drawing small roses, which should be used in the composition. You will need white and red nail polish or acrylic paints of the same colors, as well as green leaf paint. Tool dots, toothpicks and a thin brush.

Step by step description:

  • As a basic shade of lacquer suitable light beige. It is best to take a translucent lacquer, which is usually used for French manicure, it is recommended to apply it in 2 layers. When the varnish is completely dry, proceed to the drawing.
  • Dot slightly dip in red lacquer and put them 2 adjacent points. Place 2 white between them. The result should be 4 points that touch each other and form a conditional square.
  • Using a toothpick, mix the dots in any order to make a small rosette.
  • In the same way next to draw a few more flowers.
  • When the flowers dry out a little, you need to take leaves. Using a brush, paint green leaves with small varnishes, place 2-3 leaves near each flower.
  • On top of the picture, apply a transparent fixing varnish in 2 layers. It will give a glossy shine and keep the pattern for a long time.

A variety of options "flower" manicure

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

How to draw flowers on nails?

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It is not necessary to come up with ideas for nail design yourself, now you can find a lot of workshops and photos of fashionable manicure on the Internet. The most convenient way for drawing on nails is to use not varnish, but acrylic paints. They are easy to wash off if necessary. It is important that the background of the base varnish is combined with the shades of the pattern. A floral nail decor with your look and overall style.

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